Mercedes EQS SUV: Electric luxury

There were severe allegations that Mercedes had to have fallen. In Stuttgart, the electromobility was overslept, the critics screamed disordered, sleep -ual-suprant look at Schwabenland, as a Teslas drive around the ears.

In fact, Elon Musks rushes a success of success. Already in 2017, the model s was the best-selling upper class vehicle in Europe and in the US, the model 3 in turn, in the past year, was temporarily at the top of the German charts, still before the seemingly eternal number one, the VW Golf. And without being driven by the US specialists from the US, Mercedes may not be there in terms of electromobility where today is today: increasingly outside of Teslas long shadows.

Special electrical architecture

In addition to battery electrical models derived from the burner – EQA, EQB, EQC or EQV \ – has set three noble strometers to the wheels within a short time, which are based on a specially developed electrical architecture. First, the big sedan EQs, then the middle-class-pendant EQE. And now the EQS SUV, a closer of the EQS.

Also with four-wheel: via the off-road program, the ground clearance can be raised by 25 millimeters. Manufacturer

Why Mercedes, for example, does not build a station wagon from the EQE, we suspect after a first inspection of the new. The three letter SUV he carries in the name. But visually he removes himself from what was so far under this genus, instead he approaches a Van Combi-Crossover. He urges himself to the viewer in a massive field. This also has to do that the spatial glider at 5.13 meters is seven inches longer than its counterpart from the combustion world, the Mercedes GLS – with 1.72 meters but at the same time ten centimeters flatter.

Efficiency make visible

“Man should look at the car his presence, but also his efficiency,” says Robert Lesnik, Head of Exterior Design at Mercedes. And: the car should be smaller than he really was. A design direction that will make school, Lesnik lays down: “Most major cars will look like this in the future, I assure”.

Aerodynamic fine grinding

The electric age has introduced a new currency: range. For their optimization, aerodynamic fine-touch is essential. Robert Lesnik reports of aerodynamics, which still films in the wind tunnel on plastic parts, points to the EQS SUV on the side “lists” of the rear portion and the demolition edge of the rear diffuser, furthermore on the rounded corners, the recessed door handles and the AERO wheels. Optionally, even special footboards make their contribution to improving the CW air resistance custody, which the manufacturer still proceeds. For aerodynamic reasons, the EQS SUV also renounces a roof rail, a roof rack can still be installed. However, the benefit of camera-based exterior mirrors has been set in relation to their electricity needs and ultimately decided against them.

Third row of seats

Seven-seater: On the two single seats in the fund, only children feel comfortable in the long run. Manufacturer

Also, the SUV also meets those requirements that otherwise address a station wagon. Room is available in abundance, optionally, Mercedes offers a third row of seats with two single seats that can be electrically postponed. In the trunk you fit 645 to 2100 (five-seater) or 565 to 2020 liters (seven-seater), the surcharge list will also provide a trailer coupling, up to 1.8 tonnes can be taken in towing, for an electric car a considerable value.

World Premiere of the All-Electric EQS SUV

The additional storage compartment of a “frunk” can not be found under the front hood, instead provides an opulent HEPA filter for pure air in the interior here. Speaking of front hood: It can only be opened by the workshop, windscreen wiper water is refilled via an access to the left vehicle edge.

For the beginning there are three model variants ready: First of the EQS 450+ with rear wheel drive, the electric motor makes 265 kW / 360 hp. With the beginner can also be done on the most extensive route, according to the WLTP standard 536 to 660 kilometers are possible. The Allradvariante is called EQS 450 4matic, it offers the same performance, but uses a second E motor on the front axle. The range is 507 to 613 kilometers. Just as far as the top model EQS 580 4MATIC, the 400 kW / 544 hp and also to be attested to all-wheel drive. Subsequently, a Maybach version and an AMG model are submitted.

Electricity in a quarter of an hour

Mercedes installed a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh. AC (AC) from Wallbox or Public Charging Station If the EQS SUV comes as standard with a 11KW onboard loader, a 22KW charger will be implanted for a surcharge. DC (DC) from the CCS fast charging station flows with up to 200 kW, more does not work, because – unlike, for example, KIA EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Porsche Toycan or Audi E-TRON GT – does not use the EQS SUV 800 volt Loading technology, but leaves it at 400 volts. But that too should rich to “refuel” within a quarter of a quarter for 250 kilometers.

The plant in Tuscaloosa / USA always leaves the electric luxury SUV with air suspension including automatic level control and with rear axle steering, which minimizes the turning circle to 11.9 meters. Also 10 meters are possible, the required larger impact angle (ten degrees) can still be unlocked later. This works by over-the-air update (OTA) – as well as the application of other features such as a truck or parking service mode (limits the maximum speed to 120 or 80 km / h) or a trailer ranking wizard.

Hyperscreen: Three screens combine to an optical unit. Manufacturer

The lockpit layout in the interior corresponds to that of the sedan EQS, thus further comprises – for a surcharge – the spectacular hyperscreen, which combines three screens to an optical unit and moves virtually over the entire width of the fitting carrier. The right touchscreen is available to the passenger, here, for example, he can stream movies, a camera eye wakes up the look of the driver, should vertify, the image is dimmed. The fact that it is highly luxurious, hardly a mention requires, on request, the EQS SUV adorns, for example, with magnolia wood, in which aluminum star is incorporated. Who rejects animal skin, the interior also gets completely leather-free.

What the EQS SUV will cost is not known so far. However, at least 100,000 euros will be to be assumed. In the late autumn, the electric room glider incidentally gets company from a smaller brother: With the EQE SUV, Mercedes then introduces his next noble stromer.

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