Osnabrück Klaas Handerts with late exchange in hall

Only a few days after the emotional victory in the pursuit duel at the TSV 1860 Munich (3: 2), the VFL Osnabrück had also calculated three points in the catch-up game at the Saale. With these, the Lower Saxony could have been able to increase the pressure on the third Brunswick and the second Kaiserslautern again correctly – in the end it was enough for the purple white but only a counter, though they had led twice with two goals lead.

“We actually have the game in the sack and have invited the hallsers more or less,” Midfielmann Klaas analyzed the furiosis, but from a guest view but sobering final phase at the “magenta sport” microphone.

After the 3: 1 you actually thought the thing is through.

Sebastian Klaas

In the process, the VfL of his favorite role was initially fair, had brought into a balanced game through ball control and predominantly concentrated defense, marriage Klaas and Co. struggle twice before the break. Even the 1: 2 connection of the householders after the break, the guests did not bring the concept from the concept, they forced the old distance through an own goal of Niklas Landgraf.

GERMANY: Osnabrück city [HD]
“After 3: 1, you actually thought the thing is through,” Klaas looked back. More: The VFL could have finally could make the lid on it, but had good counter options often in the approach, which is why the hosts continued to believe in their comeback and could realize it. “Then a break exchange, which we should never be allowed to allow,” Klaas annoyed.

Scaring highlights character

Although the distance to the third Braunschweig is six instead of four meters (with a game less). Nevertheless, the ascent hops are not crashed yet. At the weekend, a victory in the home game against Waldhof Mannheim should melt the distance on three counters, “then we look at what the competition makes and what then goes,” says Klaas, who has the fact that Braunschweig has play-free, white: “With three points we certainly back very, very close to ran.”

At all, “nothing is lost yet, we continue to give gas.” What the visibly disappointed Chef coach Scherning confirmed: “If you give the game out of hand, that’s very bitter.” But he is sure that the team will cope with the setback: “We have so much character in the troupe.”

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