All about Tower of Fantasy, the new gacha that wants to snatch the throne to Genshin Impact

Since its launch in September 2020, GENSHIN IMPACT has been able to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of the porridge by offering an open world in which you live an adventure as a traveler looking for her sister. The title of Mihoyo thus pushed the tests carried out with Honkai Impact and its different game modes.

The theme of the day are not the titles of the Chinese developer, but a game from which he has been talking for a long time and that we have already told you things. We talk about Tower of Fantasy .

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a videogame that will see light on PC and mobile in 2022 and that immerses us in an adventure within the Aida planet that was devastated by the omnium cataclysm. To recover the energy available on this planet, the famous Omnium, humans decided to create a tower, but they paid a high price. You find years later with factions that have arisen. The first is Hykros who sees the future of humanity thanks to the Omnium, by accepting and dominating this resource. The second is that of the Aïda heirs that simply form the resistance. The latter simply want to restore their freedom to humans, destroying the fantasies tower and freeing them from the influence of omnium.

  • Genre: Gasha / action-RPG
  • Launch: 2022
  • Platforms: PC, iOS and Android

Characters and personalization

Tower of Fantasy is an action role play , but this also offers you a personalization of characters , of which we will talk a little later. First we return to some characters who presented us and you can play or maybe invoke.

  • meryl is a girl who is indifferent to everything, but stands out in the S-Range missions. There is a reason why she is an executor. Your attribute of it is ice and she uses a sword.
  • Huma She is an introverted and quite silent girl, but the latter has a superhuman force that is due to a rare disease. Also, when she thinks about something, the aura she possesses from her becomes powerful. Your attribute of it is fire and her weapon seems to be related to an ax.
  • Samir is also an executor that can do exactly what she wants and has a special ability to deceive others. Her attribute of her is the ray and she will know how to use her weapons of her wisely to defeat the enemies of her.

Tower Of Fantasy Nasıl Üye Olunur Nasıl Girilir ? | Tower Of Fantasy Türkçe
* Crow is a character who wants to have a fun with the jokes and tricks of him. He has a particular hobby about daggers. Your element of it is the lightning and he will use the double swords to fight.

  • Hilda is a character who wields a huge cannon But, despite her quite awesome weapon, she is still very friendly and she will not hesitate to take a hand if necessary. Your attribute of it is ice.
  • Shiro is a passionate about the ocean and this passion has earned the nickname of “Ocean Maniac Lone Wolf”. This nickname is also because she travels al1. She uses chakrams.
  • Tsubasa is an archer that will not hesitate to be opportunistic when it is the right time. Apart from that, he is a very talkative person. Your attribute of it is ice and he uses a bow.
  • Zero is a genius of computer science that erased all the information about it. What we know about him is that he loves competition and is a proud and ingenious person. He ignores everything he considers insignificant to him. Your element of it is fire and it uses elementary cubes for fight.
  • King is a character with a strong personality that is motivated by money and, often, is used to solve problems using violence. It is because of this method that he gets what he wants most of the time. Your element of it is fire and it uses a scythe.
  • Cocoritter is a person who entrusts blindly at all. The role of him inside your team will be healing. She handles a scepter and has an ice element.

All the characters that are seen up will normally be playable, but there are others who may not be, like Zeke and Shirli. Now let’s talk a little about personalization since this is a point that can be missing in Genshin Impact. In fact, if you like to customize your character by changing clothes or adding accessories, it will be on the Tower of Fantasy side to which you will have to go, as it offers a lot of options, as you can check in the video below.

A great competitor?

After presenting the game, we will return to the notion of competition between the latter and Genshin Impact, since they have similarities. First, Both games will be available for PC and mobile devices . The second thing that we highlight is the design of characters_ reminiscent of Honkai or other games close to anime. The third similarity is simply the fact that both take place in an open world. It is true that these are different worlds and this is not necessarily a good point of comparison, but it is still important to notify it.

At the moment, we know what Mihoyo and Genshin Impact are running, but Tower of Fantasy is not yet clear at this level and that is quite normal since it is currently in the beta phase closed and we will have to wait before
to launch it
We earth.
However, what we can say is that if the game fulfills its promises, it could very well eclipse Genshin Impact or simply have its own community that would allow it, why not, excite the records obtained from Genshin Impact.
For more guides and advice on Genshin Impact, do not hesitate to consult our complete game tutorial with all the character constructions, the location of the resources that will be collected in the world of Teyvat or the missions for each update.

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