Vermeij meets in the fall: Freiburg wins in Mannheim

Waldhof coach Patrick Glöckner changed twice compared to 0: 0 in Saarbrücken: Saghiri and Donkor started for Russo and Schnatterer. Freiburg’s coach Thomas tribe took a total of three changes in his starting eleven after the 1: 2 defeat against 1860 Munich: Kammerknecht, Rosenfelder and Ezekwem began instead of Braun-Schumacher, Sildillia and Rish.

The initial phase belonged to the Mannheimern. However, it took until the 18th minute before it became really dangerous for the first time. The double chance was right in itself, Atubolu rescued against seagood and Costly class and kept his team before the residue. A short time later, the home fans already had the screaming for a corner on his lips, but Vermeij clarified the header from sea to the line (20th).

Choreographie 1.FC Saarbrücken - Waldhof Mannheim 09.04.2022

Vermeij meets – and Waldhof reclaimed

Some pointer turns later then the first really good chance for the guests from Freiburg, but Vermeij waited for a short pass for a long time for summer and thus let a huge chance (23.). The Breisgauer were now more courageous and also recorded opportunities as the free kick of Leopold, who went to the external network (28th).

It was a first half with slight advantages for Mannheim, but then had to swallow the residue: After a flank, the ball did not make the ball ideal, but that was the perfect template for Vermeij, who met (38.). The households reclaimed hand game, but the hit persist. Sweeper headed the ball on the hand, but the game continued. Thus it went with the 1: 0 for Freiburg into the cabins.

Butler lets the compensation lie

The Mannheimer came with Schnatterer and Russo for summer and Saghiri from the cabin – and the households started Research. However, they did not come to opportunities. On the opposite side, when Donkor got the ball at the attempt at the hand, a penalty whistle remained out (51.). Shortly thereafter, Keeper Königsmann undertook a mistake in the trial attempt, he shot his own man with seagar – luckily for the final man, the ball went next to the box (54th).

Although Waldhof could not be denied the will, but the home roof was very little, Martinovics District Shot was too central (63.). Although Freiburg did not have a variety of actions forward, but the sports club was very safe and left almost nothing. That remained until shortly before the end, then there was a standard still a big chance for Waldhof, Buttler headed over a few meters (90. + 3). Thus, it was at the end of the 1-0, the second Freiburg victory this season against Mannheim.

Waldhof Mannheim, which the top places can now check out relatively safely, occurs at the VfL Osnabrück next Saturday (14 o’clock). At the same time Freiburg II is received by TSV Havelse.

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