Looking forward to the top game against Fortuna Cologne

After the exchange with the SV Lippstadt, who ended 3: 3 on Saturday afternoon, it continues on Tuesday evening (19 clock) for the eagle carriers again. The English week keeps the catch-up game against Fortuna Cologne. It is at the same time the third last home game this season. And while only 210 loud prussia fans were allowed to go to the stadium in Lippstadt, all the chance to take care of Hammer Straße for a really strong backdrop in the top game against the table. The team has earned it in this exciting season end spurt in any case. Tickets for the duel are still available on presale or on the matchday at the box office. “We are looking forward to this game. Hammer street, floodlight, many spectators – that can be a great thing we want to decide for us. But we have to work and deliver first, then we look what comes out, “says coach Sascha Hildmann in front of the duel.

With the Fortuna there is another top team of Regionalliga West in the Prussia Stadium, which has already stacked 66 points in 33 games. That makes a considerable point cut of 2.0. “Fortuna has a tremendous quality with standards with its large-grown players. Whether in free-eating, corners or impellers, you can always be dangerous, “knows the football teacher, whereupon he has to adjust his team. And further emphasizes: “That will be a very big job for us. Of course, they also want to show that they can win against us. This can be an exciting game. “For a long time, the South towns were also considered a hot title candidate, but they left here in the last few weeks and there. Currently the residue is eight points large. Only three saison defeats undoubtedly undoubtedly underline the quality of the team of coach Alexander End, which in turn is leaving the Cologne at the end of the season as a coach.

How difficult the duel can become, which also showed the first leg. In the South Stadion, the Eaglegärder documents at the beginning of October with 2: 3, because they themselves out too many promising opportunities. “The game is ticked, but we still have it in my head. We did not reward ourselves there, especially in the first half, “said the coach. “That hurt then very much, but we got up again – and now it’s a new game!” Anyway, the anticipation of the home game is great and the view of a full Prussion stage with up to 10,000 prussia fans will continue to grow. All important faninfos to the home game can be found here.

Play-Off 1: TOP/SolarCompleet 1 tegen Fortuna/Delta Logistiek 1, zaterdag 30 maart 2019

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