The new Mass Effect is already in Early Stages of Development

Since last year we learned that a new Mass Effect is already under development within BioWare , but the truth is that we have almost not had any kind of novelty about it. Beyond a few teasers, their developers have been very reserved with this future title, but that could change shortly now that it is already in early stages of development.

Through a new publication on your official blog, BioWare mentioned that the new Mass Effect already left behind its pre-production stage, and now it officially entered its stage of development, although obviously, still meet In his first steps. In fact, the study mentions that there will still be a while longer so that they can share more official details.

Mass Effect 4 NO LONGER In Pre-Production, Will Get Frequent Updates Along with Dragon Age 4

Now that the game has already left behind its pre-production stage, it is much more likely that we are going to be having more news more constantly. Previously, it was difficult for us to show us something since they probably did not have much to reveal, but hopefully, now that it is already under development, we will see more updates about their progress, and eventually, Gameplay.

Editor’s note: The truth is that I do not like it a lot when these games are revealed with as much anticipation, because it means that we should wait a good longer to have new official details. The same is going to happen with the new The Witcher, although I think BioWare goes more advanced with this new Mass Effect.

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