Sojourn New Hero of Overwatch 2

Blizzard has just unveiled Sojourn, the new hero of overwatch 2. From the first Reveal of the game to the 2019 bizzcon, the studio had announced that several new characters would be present at the time of the exit of its FPS. This first presentation confirms this statement and suggests that the pace of publications around Ow 2 should now intensify as an approach to the release of the game.

Sojourn Abilities Revealed + New Story Details! (Overwatch 2 News)

Sojourn, a heroine from Canada!

Sojourn is therefore a new DPS to add to the Overwatch Roster, with a mobility-based kit with a special moving slide. However, we have a little trouble seeing his interest at the moment, since his kit is summed up to a weapon that dps in aoe on his secondary attack, a slide, a kind of mini-grav and an ultimate that transperses several enemies.

If the mini-grav is interesting (everything still depends on the level of the slowdown and its size), the rest remains quite simple and impressive. In addition, the kit as a whole already exists on several other characters, so the numbers (damage, HP, search time) should be particularly good for making it a high-level hero.

To be frank, we expect a little more new heroes, although it is also necessary to take into account that the current characters will be modified. Maybe these changes will make a DPS like soy more interesting than it seems.

A date for Overwatch 2?

If you still not have a date for OW 2, the Blizzard FPS is more and more over time. While the beta phase of Overwatch 2 should soon begin, we consider that the game should go out around the start of the 2022 (late August / early September).

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