NBA News: Stephen Curry wants to bring in game 1 of the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets

Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors missed the last weeks of the Regular Season injured. An assignment to the playoff start against the Denver Nuggets should not be in the way.

The superstar of the Warriors registered in the draymond Green Show that he assumed that he will head to the Denver Nuggets in the night on Sunday in Game 1: “The goal was always play 1 and that’s the goal. I am very optimistic that it will play 1. I want to be there. “

Curry, on March 16th in the game against the Boston Celtics, had drawn a tiller in his left foot when he was bound by Celtics Guard Marcus Smart in the fight for a loose ball. Smart was laid out for a free ball and fell on the leg of double MVPs.

For the Warriors, the playoff start against Denver will be the first playoff home game since 2019, when in game 6 of the NBA Finals was the Toronto Raptors. At that time, the dubs still played in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, now the Warriors were moved to the brand new Chase Center in San Francisco.

2020 the playoffs were clearly missed, 2021 failed the team of Head Coach Steve Kerr in the Play-in-Tournament to defeats at the Los Angeles Lakers and against the Memphis Grizzlies. Should curry really return, it would be at all the second time since 2019 that the Warrior core from Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will stand together on the field.

The Warriors ended the Regular Season with a balance sheet of 53-29, which was enough for third place in the Western Conference. The last twelve games that had to be denied without curry were made balanced (6-6). Click here for the preview for the series between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets!

Warriors vs. Nuggets: The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home Abroad
1 17. April 2.30 clock Golden State Warriors Denver nuggets

Steph Curry practice report; Warriors face the Nuggets in Game 1 of playoffs
2 | 19. April | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Denver nuggets
3 | 22. April | 4 o’clock | Denver Nuggets | Golden State Warriors
4 | 24. April | 21.30 Denver Nuggets | Golden State Warriors
5 * | 28. April | TBD | Golden State Warriors | Denver nuggets

6 * | 30. April | TBD | Denver Nuggets | Golden State Warriors
7 * | 1. May | TBD | Golden State Warriors | Denver nuggets

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