He always surprised: Morey and the example Nadal

On his pictures at Ingram Mateeu Morey actually always laughs, whether in civil on the street, with ball on the square or with the impressive chocolate cake for his 22nd birthday a few weeks ago. “I closed my eyes and the candles are exhausted – the wish you know,” says under the last photo.

When the young Spaniard was in the long-decided Cup semi-final against Holstein Kiel in May last year after a duel on the ground, curved against pain and his screams echoed through the empty stadium, all involved was quickly clear that Morey would lack long. In the right knee of the right-back, pretty much everything was broken, which can break, several operations followed – and a lengthy rehab process.

Exact forecasts are still difficult

Meanwhile, he is much further, much of the path has g1. “Meanwhile, I’m working with the ball and I’m close to being a real footballer again,” reveals the defensive man in a video format at BVB TV: “I’m looking forward to taking steps and soon to be the team again.”

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Accurate forecasts are still difficult, but it feels great, after I did not stand in the square for so long, “. Green lawn among the soles, the favorite game on the feet, the return comes closer – also geographically after Morey had completed the first part of recovery in his homeland in Mallorca.

With such an injury, it is very important to have a healthy mind.

Mateeu Morey

“In the first months of the injury, I could not do much except Physio. With such an injury, it is very important to have a healthy mind. That’s why I asked the BVB if I can complete the part in Mallorca,” he looks like Back: “There I am at home, there are my friends and family. That helped me a lot to refuel strength to fight against the injury.”

And another well-known Mallorquiner was a great role model how successfully can be a comeback: Tennis Star Rafael Nadal. “I often heard that he will no longer play or no longer reach this top level,” says Morey, even a very good tennis player: “But he all surprised again and again. He is back and again at the top, That’s a good example of me. “

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