Wilder ride in Osnabrück: Heider becomes VfL

Osnabrück’s coach Daniel Scherning brought after 1: 1 against Eintracht Braunschweig Bapoh for Klaas. In the internal defense Gugganig replaced the injured Beermann.

VERS Trainer Michel Kniat exchanged twice over the 3: 1 against the SC Freiburg II: Akono and Mikic started instead of Putaro and Ochojski.

Osnabrück pushes, loving hits

Die Pressekonferenz nach dem Verl-Heimsieg

It was intense from the kick-off: Already in the first minute, Akono VfL Cover Kühn tested. On the other hand, Apoku hit fine dribbling only the external network (3.). As a result, the householders took over the gameplay and combined over their playful attackers for promising opportunities. Kunz’s header tricked conceivable past (8.). But first the SC: a Grodowksi flank squeezed Berlinksi over the line (20th).

After the initial pace had laid something, the VfL was successful: Traoré recalled a flank of Kleinhansl (31.). Afterwards, the game seemed balanced, which also underscore the break of 1: 1.

Berzel punished VFL opportunity giant

At the beginning of the second half, the VfL again took the note of action in the hand, the guests laced at times in their half and came back to promising possibilities. Klaas’ completion Blocked Pernot just like this (66.). But again, Verl was cold snopy: a header of Petkov chased Berzel in the stitches (68.).

Then it became tricky for referee Max Burda: After a duel between Heider and Sapina, the impartial pointed to the point (72nd). Klaas transformed safely (73.). The Bremer bridge cheered – and headed for almost ten minutes later, as heer almost with the last strength a cross of the Joker Klaas pushed over the line to 3: 2 (85.). It should be the winner for Osnabrücker, who keep the connection to the ascent ranks with the ultimately earned victory. Despite good games, three important points escape in the relegation race.

Osnabrück is a guest at the TSV 1860 Munich next Saturday (2 pm). On Sunday (1 pm) Verlets 1st FC Magdeburg welcomes.

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