Kauczinski: Overall, I did not see that so much

An early free-kick gate of Johannes Wurtung had brought the SVWW on course, Thijmen Goppel plunged before the pause whistle. In the second passage, Luca’s bumper and John Iredale finally screwed the result, even under involuntary with the help of SVM-Keeper Constantin Frommann, who did not make good figure at the 3-0 and 4: 0. “We got a very good day, even if the result is significantly higher than the game gave up,” head coach Markus Kauczinski summarized the 90 minutes in Emsland.

Nevertheless, the 52-year-old after two defeats in a row, of course, facilitates the victory, the place 8 in the third-league table – and thus also raised the question, which is still possible for the former second division this season. The residue to third place, which is entitled to participate in the DFB Cup, is only four points – because the SVWW has failed in the provincial cup of Türk Gücü Friedberg, it would be the only possible way in attractive competition. The rise ranks are nine counters removed. However, this distance could be shortened for the coming weekend when the SVWW receives the third-placed Eintracht Braunschweig.

Kaerczinski, however, is not a compulsory play, especially looking forward to the remaining home games against the Eintracht, Kaiserslautern and Mannheim – all opponents from the top six of the league, which the SVWW “with a great backdrop at home”, wants to receive. “We can look forward to that,” emphasizes the coach.

Dinsdag, 12 April 2022. Jou plig as Burger

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The residual program of the 3rd league

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