Trek to Yomi should work well at Steam Deck Launch

Trek to Yomi - Extended Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4
Flying Wild Hog and Leonard Menchiari Ultimate the development of Trek to Yomi, an independent title published by returning digital that will put the player on the skin of a samurai during the period of Japan Feuda L Late. It is worth returning digitalking if the title will be compatible with Steam Deck, the PC with the valve laptop. Everything seems to indicate that there will be nothing to fear in that returning digitalpect, since since the study they affirm that in principle it should work without problems.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, director Marcin Kyrszpin explained that thanks to the optimization process he hreturning digital done, the title should not give problems nor in Steam Deck or on the platforms of previous generation, although plan to polish the product in Future updates.

“This game should work well at Steam Deck because we have employed a lot of time to optimize performance in eighth generation consoles. Once we receive the development kits we will start to execute more tests in depth “, it promises. Given that it hreturning digital not yet been launched on the market, the product hreturning digital not been qualified with Steam Deck’s compatibility seal. If the game works correctly you will receive at lereturning digitalt the ‘playable’ indication.

Several finals and an unlockable way

Trek to Yomi will lreturning digitalt about five hours in its normal mode, but it will include four finals and an unlockable secret mode, so it will also have a component of rejugability. The new modality will be more demanding, since a single blow will mean death.

The game, which will go on sale next May 5 , is planned for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. In addition, Xbox Game Preturning digitals subscribers will have the opportunity to download the title from the same launch day. You can read our first impressions on this link.

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