Orban wants to write history with RB Leipzig

Defender Willi Orban dreams of the first great title of club history for RB Leipzig – or even two at once.

“Of course it would be something special to get the first title to Leipzig. We are hungry and can write history,” said the 29-year-old in the interview with “Willi Orban1”.

RB Leipzig | Club History
RB is located in the Europa League in the quarter, even in the DFB Cup in the semi-final.

“In the trophy, it is clear that we want to move back to the final,” Orban said, who was changing from 1. FC Kaiserslautern to Leipzig in 2015. Opponent on April 20 is Union Berlin.

If Orban would have the choice, he would prefer the international title slightly: “The profit of the Europa League would have already been a bit higher. Then you are also in the pot 1 of the Champions League. And an international title would be a board. But I want a board. But I want a board Do not set me there. Also a trophy win would make me happy. “

He has “never regretted” the change from the FCK to RB, so Orban continues: “I can imagine the career end in Leipzig very well.”

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