With 750 prussia fans against Schalke U23

At the end of the English week, the SC Prussia returns to the competition again, to the Westfalen Cup semi-final follows on Sunday (2 pm) the league away game at Schalke 04. The eagle carriers are accompanied on their way from 750 Prussia fans, more is in the old parking stadium due to the security concept is not possible. With this support in the back, the goal of the Münsteraner is clear: the next three points should follow. “Our focus is full on this game. Saddle has a new coach after being pushed down again. You will be very motivated in any case, “says coach Sascha Hildmann in front of the task and emphasizes:” We need to be as engaged and passionately occurring as on Wednesday. “At the 3-0 pokal success against the SC Verl, the Eaglegärt showed a strong performance and Attracted so deserved into the cup final.

Detters falls out

Only military drops on Wednesday evening was the violation of Topscorer Thorben Deters, which will be missing first. “That’s a bitter story and a pity. It looks like a Fiberress. This is the burden in the English week, “says the football teacher:” Otherwise, we have copened the cup game well. “In this case, it also helps that the away game takes place on Sunday and thus holds a day more regeneration for the team. “We will rotate, but not much. We want to take the momentum, “says the coach on demand at the press conference. Which position concerns that, he left open. Of course, only that the vacant place has to be replaced by Deters. Dominik Klann and Manuel Farrona Pulido will probably not be an alternative for Sunday.

Schalke fans arrive by car
For both teams, it will go in the parking stadium by three important points. As a 13th, the royal blue still stuck in the relegation battle and need the counters to enlarge the distance. The eagle carriers want to prove in the rise battle. “We’re going very well to always think about the next game. I always said that the championship is decided at this stage. I just want us to go in every game with full throttle now, “says Hildmann, who also clarifies again:” We have to put a good attitude to the day every time. We may have a wide breast, but never be overg1. Self-confident, yes, but always with respect. I’ll take care of it very well. We always have to start up. “

Schalke with a new trainer

At the end of March, the Schalke from U23 Trainer Torsten Fröhling, which should be peered at the end of Jacob piping at the end of the season. Now the responsible persons completed this step earlier and pipes were carried by the U15 to the U23. “The U23 is located in the Regionalliga West after six games without victory in the battle for the league. That’s why we decided to set a new impulse on the boss trainer position. We are convinced that with the advanced change to Jakob pipel, we can create the turnaround and the league blast together, “said Mathias Schober, director of the Knappschwiede, the decision. The first effect worked as hoped for, after the 0: 4 defeat against Fortuna Düsseldorf, the U23 won the first game under the direction of Fimpel with 3: 0 against the VFB Homberg. For the Prussians, the royal blue still makes it difficult to cruise: “The installation was another last week other than before. This will be a surprise, especially since the question is still open, who comes from above. “Staked in the parking stadium is at 14 o’clock. There will be no day banks and unfortunately no livestream.

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