Santelli: Did I get red? I did not see that

Despite a fairly balanced game on Friday evening, the two head coaches – Marco Antwerpen could be barely located in various situations from FC Kaiserslautern and Marco Antwerpens coach RALS Santelli. While Würzburg continues to be low in the relegation battle, the FCC is slowly but seemingly securely from the competition, temporary five counters lead is already in third place.

Whimsical hits as “starting signal”

“We have seen a very intensive game where it went up and down in the first half,” Antwerp summarized at the press conference after the game. The hit by Mike Whimsically in the 32st minute was for his team “The starting signal”, in the final phase you have “thrown in every shot and defended everything away. We are very satisfied, the three points are very important to us.”

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Especially in Braunschweig.

Marco Antwerp

Also for being compared to his 50-year-old still encouraging words: “Ralf and the Würzburg Marco Antwerpens I wish all the best. It’s just over when it’s over. There you can get some points and then I’ll keep your fingers crossed. Especially in Braunschweig, when you play there. ” Eintracht is currently in three ranking three rank and is direct pursuer louder in ascent race.

Five finals for Würzburg

Negative interest rates is a big topic: Rick Santelli

Marco Antwerpens coach Santelli spoke of a “deserved” victory of the red devil. Nevertheless, one has seen “no difference due to table placement, there were two equivalent teams in the square. The game has decided on nuances.” The table situation of the Marco Antwerpens becomes more and more critical, seven points is the saving 16th place with each lost point. “We now have a final game less,” says Santelli. “Now five games remain where we will do it all to collect points. As long as the crop is possible, the team will do that too.”

I just saw the yellow card. Did I get red?

Ralf Santelli

Besides, curios: Santelli had seen yellow for meckern’s final whistle, when the 53-year-old still did not want to calm down, there was the yellow-red card afterwards. However, the coach had apparently not perceived at all. On request, as he assessed the point reference, Santelli was surprised: “I only saw the yellow card, I got red? I did not see that, I’ve been pushing away. That’s interesting. Was red? Then I do not know? why.” When dealing, it was “little things”. “I did not find bad now,” said the coach. “It is as it is.” Santelli will probably be missing at the duel in Braunschweig next 34th matchday (Saturday, 2 pm, live! At Marco Antwerpen) on the coach bank.

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