Köllner and the question: Young wild or square chairs?

The last minute shock against Saarbrücken (1: 1)? Canceled. The belief in the chance of the relegation place? Continuing highly alive. Lated on the face of 1860 coach Michael Köllner, in which for days a play-off-beard sprouts.

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With a view to the upcoming task in Freiburg, the 52-year-old spoke of a “severe undertaking”. Finally, the SC reserve place the fourth best team in its own stadium, got a point more than the lions in Giesing.

“Not reactive behavior”

“We are not allowed to behave reactive. It’s about looking at ourselves. That’s what we can influence,” Köllner demanded. “In addition to a top preparation and a top day we also need the quixtche luck.”

The 6-0 from the first round Köllner does not want to take a benchmark. “We were euphorized after the cup victory against Schalke.” For this purpose, in the Grünwalder stadium “full utilization” has been allowed, the home audience would have worn the team in addition “doped, we worn from the beginning”. A similar support is hoped for the Löwen Coach on Sunday in Breisgau: “It will be important that we have an eerie fan support.”

Gorilinger and Morgalla convinced

Gratifying for Köllner’s team: In Fabian Greilinger (21) and Leandro Morgalla (17), two young lions showed against Saarbrücken that they take responsibility when the routinated family forces fail. Greilinger shone for Phillipp Steinhart (29) left rear, U-18 international Morgalla for the outgoing Stephan Salger (32) in the defense center. Both rewarded with vocations in the Köllner eleven of the day (note 1.5).

The question arises: Köllner makes the young savages also in Freiburg Ran, when the square tails are fit again? Resolution follows on Sunday. In addition to Steinhart and Salger, Stamenkeeper Marco Hiller is then available again after his corona infection.

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