GOG returns to focus on the classic PC Games

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The GOG market organizers plan to re-refocus efforts in more classic games in the future, said an ad this week. This follows an update of the GOG plans of the beginning of the year that insinuated both and said that the GOG team wanted to increase the activities structured around the classics, both in terms of sales and other ways of highlighting these games. The last blog post of the GOG team expounded how, exactly, these efforts expect to achieve in the coming months.

The third update of the GOG year shared here began relating some of the ways in which the platform is already looking to preserve and celebrate classic games before moving on to plans for the future. For those who do not know, Gog means “Good Old Game”, so one of the first actions that will be taken is a new category that will take the name that will host more than 500 classics so that players examine them carefully.

“The most recent development in the area of visibility and discovery of the classics is the rebirth of the Good Old Games concept,” Gog’s announcement said. «We started adding the ‘Good Old Game’ tag, which will show more than 500 games that our team has considered iconic classics: games that are over 10 years old and are acclaimed by criticism, exceed the test of time, define certain mechanics, or You simply created new genres. You will find games like Bioshock, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout or Gothic. Of course, this is partly our subjective choice, but we hope to inspire you so that you check for yourself, have fun with and see if you agree with our evaluation ».

As an explanation of why Gog has decided to follow these plans, the ad says that the owners believe in “celebrating and preserving the classic games” and the effects that these games have on players through connections, nostalgia and other forms.

“This is just another step to give Good Old Games a well-deserved place in GOG,” the publication concluded. «The invitation is here and is waiting for you! Rediscover with us the games that have been universally beloved or look for hidden gems that did not have their time at the center of attention. You choose what you choose, we are committed to giving you the best available classics experience: playable offline, compatible with new operating systems, full of additional digital products and with the ability to back up anywhere and at any time to ensure that The games we offer can be played in the coming years ».

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