Glasner and the difficult spaghat in the fight for Europe

“You’ve seen against Barcelona how important it is to do everything in the Bundesliga to play everything back next season in the Europa League. That’s enough motivation,” emphasizes sports board Markus Kröse. After the thin performance at the 0: 0 against Fürth last matchday, Frankfurt may not allow any weaknesses in the Bundesliga. The five-point residue on Hoffenheim is manageable, especially since the Hesse received the TSG at the 31st matchday at home. However, the SGE in the back round table only takes place 13, the balance sheet falls with twelve points from eleven garts meager. In four of the most recent five Bundesliga home games, the Eintracht did not succeed. The team must be hell noted that the elevator is not driving up around the highlighting games against Barcelona in front of the nose.

Nagelsmann wary of Frankfurt and 'extraordinary' coach Glasner | Bayern Munich-Bundesliga 德甲拜仁 纳格尔斯曼

Glasner knows about the challenge

Coach Oliver Glasner knows that his team is a difficult spagat. “It is a challenge to be with himself after this emotional rash, focusing on their own strengths and their own game, not to lose the focus and concentration, physically and mentally top-fresh,” guides Glasner. The coach speaks of a “ripening process”, in which he mentions his team on a good way: “We have already shown that we are able to do so. After the progress against Betis, which was a similar emotional rash, we played in Leipzig. That was certainly not our best performance, but we have played with a lot of passion and a draw was a step in our development was a step in the right direction. ” The truth also belongs that in view of 9: 2 chances for Leipzig a lot of gambling happiness was there.

Whether and how strong Glasner is rotated against Freiburg, he left open at the press conference on Friday. In the previous course of the season, he also took very dosed changes in English weeks, all too large changes are not to be expected in the face of the strong performance gap in the squad. The Austrian demands from his players “the readiness and passion to give everything for the success – regardless of how many games we had, whether we are tired or not how strong the opponent is”. You want to “be independent of these parameters” and do not allow excuses. “I see ourselves on a good way,” reaffirms the coach.

You will demand everything, but we will also demand everything.

Oliver glassner

Against the sports club he expects a balanced game. “You will demand everything, but we will also demand everything,” Glasner announces. Eintracht lost only one of the youngest nine comparisons with Freiburg (4 victories, 4 draws). In eight, however, the Hesse but not least before Freiburg’s Edel-Joker Nils Petersen. Only against Frankfurt striker already achieved eight goals, six of them as a substitute. And only against Eintracht-Keeper Kevin Trapp made Petersen already seven times, even more often the Robert Lewandowski alone succeeded (eight goals against Trapp).

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