BVB: Moukoko and the part of the truth

Two starting fields and 15 applications, including only one before the 60th minute: The balance sheet of the previous season is disappointing for Dortmund’s highly assisted Yousssoufa Moukoko – for players and club. The murren in the environment of the 17-year-old after more opportunities was last louder.

“I work every day with the boy and believe that I have a decent wire to him and we talk again and again,” says his coach Marco Rose and explains why the talent has not played a role under him so far. “The Mouki has been hurt so often this season and was not available,” says Rose with a view of the frequent muscle problems of the striker: “Of course, he always needs time to find the connection.”

Maybe there was one or the other game in which he was in good condition and I have not brought him.

Youssoufa Moukoko - All Goals of the 16 Year Old BVB Striker So Far

Marco Rose

But this patience is not available everywhere. “He then comes back, has a solid to decent training week, is 17 years and then Mouki expect and the people we pure him in a difficult party.” And that’s not that easy: “The overall picture has to fit. That’s also part of the truth that he was just too often injured and was this season.” Because Rose would “do nothing dear as to swipe the boy again and again and develop him”. But also belong to this “the normal way over training, over it”.

The criticism that Moukoko nevertheless could have come into play in some games in some games, the coach accepts. For with all tactical immaturity, which the teenager still brings, he often caused dynamics and goals. “There may be one or the other game where he was in good shape and I still did not bring him,” says Rose: “I like to put on the shoe.”

For the U-21 national player, it is also going to be fit in view of the competition in the attack, stay fit and impose even more. “If you see his downtime this season with two, three, four muscle injuries, then it is difficult. And so a young guy must of course also record rhythm, which needs good workout and trust,” says Rose.

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