Idris Elba makes fun of paper in a new video game

Idris Elba has mocked that she will be in an upcoming game. Idris Elba has been acting for many years, but has only ascended to the main category in the last 10 to 15 years thanks to the roles of him in MCU, DCEU and the Fast and Furious franchise. The actor has also been chosen by fans like James Bond over the years and, for fans’s credit, he has actually taken the producers of Bond movies to consider IDRIS Elba for paper. Apparently, his fame has also taken him to the world of games.

In a new interview with IGN to promote the role of him as Knuckles in Sonic the hedgehog 2, Idris Elba mocked that he will appear in a next video game. When asked if he would like to put on a capture costume of movement and starring a videogame, Elba joked saying that “something is coming, very soon.” Idris Elba lent him the voice of him to a character in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and later played a trainer at nba 2k20, but has held small secondary papers greatly. At this time, Elba is not revealing in what game he is, who is developing it or any other detail, but it seems that we will learn sooner.

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With things like Summer Game Fest on the horizon, it is possible that the new Idris Elba game is revealed this summer. As for what could be, there are some possible options. It could be in Call of Duty this year, who is expected to be a sequel to the Restart of Modern Warfare of Infinity Ward. It is unlikely that it interprets the same character as that of mw3, but maybe the developer uses it in a new role with his face in sight or could interpret Ghost, a British character who is expected to be reinforced for this entry after The controversy with the previous actor. Hideo Kojima also loves to use important actors, so maybe Idris Elba is part of the cast of his unannounced game. Finally, it is possible that Bond’s producers know that Idris Elba is too old to carry a production of several movies on the back and, instead, use it as James Bond in the next V videogame 007 of IO Interactive.

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