First mandatory game since war outbreak: Kyiv fails in Youth League

Dynamo Kyiv has failed in the first mandatory game of a Ukrainian team since the beginning of the war in the UEFA Youth League failed. In the Romanian capital Bucharest DYNAMOS U19 lost the Portuguese of Sporting Lisbon in the secondary finale with 1: 2 (0: 2).

The encounter was originally to take place on 2 March in Kyiv, the Russian attack one week previously prevented a discharge.

Before kick-off, the Dynamo players in Ukraine flags enveloped the lawn, followed by a silkine for the victims of war. The approximately 2000 spectators in the stadium Giulesti were several players of the first dynamo team. The leaf ball in Ukraine is currently resting.

Kyiv had won both games against Bayern Munich (4: 0/2: 1) in the group stage. But against the Portuguese, the team ran after the second minute after a backlog behind. In quarter-finals, Sporting now meets the city trivial Benfica Lisbon.

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