LOL: The historical pentakill made at the EUM that breaks with the curse of a forgotten champion

A pentakill in League of Legends is always something that comforts you. This kind of thing is rare and, either young or old, amateur or professional, we usually always remember this personal achievement. Well, imagine doing it in competition, against brave opponents and in front of a moderately high audience.

This is the happiness that happened to Macko Hawhaw at the European Masters against WE Love Gaming . We imagine that the Norwegian will remember this performance for a long time… while playing for the first time an international tournament, he did not let himself be intimidated and showed the reach of him with a champion, which however, is not a priori. Really compatible a pentakill with a single skill that can inflict damage.

Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video - League of Legends

The first pentakill of the story for zilean

There is no correct or incorrect way to make a pentakill ** and everyone will have their preferences. But we must still recognize that some champions are more armed than others to destroy the entire opposite team. It is no coincidence that champions like Kai’sa (135), Jinx (72) or Ezreal (58) have already accumulated tons in professional competence.

Its set of skills full of damage makes it easy to do, and when you add the great popularity of these champions along the seasons, it is not really surprising to see them doing pentakills. This year we can mention especially the very good Penta obtained by Rafitta in the Koi match in front of Fnatic Team cheese with Jinx.

On the other hand, hawhaw became a bit crazy to get the first pentakill in history within the competitive circuit with Zilean. The time teacher is not a particularly popular champion, although he occasionally makes appearances in the central lane or as support. But the remarkable thing is that the champion only has a damage ability in him; The famous time bomb of him. It is not much and seeing it killing 5 opponents in a limited time is really something extraordinary. For those who are still skeptical, they know that champions like Sejuani (3), Urgot (3) or Gragas (3) have more pentakills in competitive than Zilean.

a pentakill with the help of his team and his opponents

A pentakill is first and foremost a personal achievement, but you also have to greet the work of Hawhaw’s partners for this historic pentakill. The ZILEAN has been put into ideal provisions, benefiting from the advantage of the elderly dragon to execute the objectives of it. The last two deaths were also offered in a tray by the ally hecarm. He pursued the two survivors with a bomb on his head… when the latter exploded, thus eliminating the two fugitives to finish this series of style eliminations.

When you hear the voices of the game and the explosion of joy, I will inevitably make you smile. We must also bear in mind that enemies suffered a good cc and that next to Zhonya (or chronometer) can sometimes save lives, but in this specific case, it was really useless. On the contrary, the delay allowed Zilean to safely place the pumps of him on immobile targets. Difficult in the conditions of him fail the skill shots of him and do massive damage to the rivals of him.

Foto: Riot Games

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