Exhaust error of the FC Bayern: SC Freiburg appeals for evaluation of the game

The SC Freiburg has announced after the alternating error of FC Bayern last weekend to appeal against the rating of the game. That announced the Breisgauer in a statement on the club side.

According to “intensive illumination of all aspects that can be significant for the club in the context of overall responsibility,” they have decided on Freiburg side to “appeal against the rating of the game.”

The club emphasized to be in a “nominated dilemma”. The situation forces the club “in an active role”, where he has no interest. A motive for the opposition is to create “legal certainty in comparable cases” for the future. It also deals with the “perception of overall responsibility for the association in economic as well as athletic way.”

Now the sports court of the DFB must decide on possible consequences. However, the prospects of the protest are uncertain.

SC Freiburg - FC Bayern München 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Even experts are impregnated with regard to the regulations to be applied, both the pure application of the football rules of the DFB as well as the use of the legal and procedural order of the association would be in question. Decisive for this would probably be the assessment of the sports court, whether Bayern player Kinsgley Coman is considered the same twelve man on the field as a non-game or applicant player.

At the 1: 4 defeat of the Freiburg, Bayern had twelve players for a few seconds. Coman had not felt at his replacement because his old back number (29 instead of 11) was displayed on the panel.

The DFB Sports Court will first obtain opinions of the procedural participants, the DFB announced in the evening in response to the Freiburg Protest: “According to the existence and evaluation of the comments, the body will decide on the further progress of the procedure.”

A dot deduction would melt the lead of Bayern on Borussia Dortmund from nine to six points. The Freiburg would open with three additional points to RB Leipzig on the fourth place in the table.

The Bavaria reacted to the announcement: “We are convinced that the DFB Sports Court can only come to a decision according to the applicable regulations: the rating of our 4: 1 victory remains preserved,” said Michael Gerlinger, Vice President Sports Business and Competitions of the Munich, the DPA.

The opinion of the SC Freiburg in the wording:

_ “The responsible persons of the sports club Freiburg eV have advised themselves in an intensive and extremely differentiated weighting process on the further procedure after the alternating error of FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga game of the past Saturday. All aspects, which in the context of overall responsibility for the association were, especially in economic, sporting and legal terms, be significant, illuminated and intensively discussed._

Voray: We are in a non-naughty dilemma. The SC Freiburg had no share and influence on the events around the change. Nevertheless, the legal and procedural order of the DFB forces us formally into an active role in order to be legally checked the operations. In principle, we have no interest in this active role, which is due to us, we have no interest in this and feel very uncomfortable in this.

_Wir therefore consider this procedural control in their overall construction for less properly. Ultimately, she charges the completely uninvolved club – in this case – the responsibility for the processing of an obvious rule violation.

_Denoch the Management Board of the Sport Club Freiburg E.V. decided after intensive discussions at different levels and a legal examination to appeal to the assessment of the game. Decisive for the decision was in particular the following points: _

  • _Ard posing the possibility for the sports court, the questions arising here to evaluate and answer a speedature of the intervention of the FC Bayern Munich.
  • Arting future legal certainty in comparable cases also for other clubs.
  • Consistent action of the SC Freiburg for control violations very independently of the concrete competitive situation.
  • _ Perception of overall responsibility for the association in economic as well as a sporty point of view and taking into account the interests of the stakeholders._
  • Rechtsanspansicht in the sports court procedure in conjunction with the existing loyalty obligations of the Management Board over the association and its own liability issues.

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_ A detailed written reasoning will approach the Sports Court on time. “_

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