EA Sports ends exclusive partnership with AC Milan

The FIFA publisher and the leader of Serie A do not extend its partnership, the EA Sports announced in a short message. The contract ends on 1 July.

As far as FIFA 22 is concerned, the fans of the “Rossoneri” can respond: The contract end has no effect on this part and the older offshoots.

As EA is writing, players, the San Siro Stadium, the logo and jerseys are not removed from the current game. As it continues with the content of the team in FIFA 23, there is no information about it.

Series-A partnership should be strengthened

Although EA Sports has a partnership with the series A, but the clubs can market themselves. This already led to the market leader lacking licenses to Juventus Turin, As Rome and Atalanta Bergamo.

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These clubs can then be found with fantasy name in the game. In the future, Lazio Rome and the SSC Naples also set in to this list. The end of the partnership with the AC Milan threatens another license loss from Serie A for the upcoming FIFA 23.

Anyway, the turn stands in front of a great change. With UFL and Goals there are other competitors in the starting blocks. In addition, the end of the collaboration with the World Football Association FIFA threatens.

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