Criticism: Intercept agent (PS5) – The modern espionage hunter is a superficial and satisfying pleasure

Agent Intercept is a Fun Spy Vehicle Transforming Racer

Intercept agent is an extremely accessible game, but that does not mean that it does not provide strong sensations and overflows. This modern title, Spy Hunter-esque is a good easy and airy moment that aims to make you smile, and we would say that it is mission accomplished.

The gameplay is very basic; You head, boost and derive simply with L2, and use weapons pickups with R2. This applies to any state in which your vehicles in transformation – car, boat or plane are located. These simple controls mean that the focus is on score hunting and visual bomb. Each level has some replayability – they give you optional goals to achieve, and you are encouraged to keep a combo multiplier alive to establish a high score. Unfortunately, there are many points where it seems impossible to maintain this combo very long with a fairly fast time limit between the waterfalls.

As far as the show is concerned, the short campaign accelerates things with brilliantly exaggerated scenarios to enjoy. Along way, you will use rockets, machine gun fires and other weapons to shoot down other vehicles, while drifting through the turns, jumping over the ramps and boosting themselves. It’s easy and a little superficial, but it’s very funny as long as it lasts.

Secondary missions and a score mode with rankings are available once you have finished the campaign and its stupid story. These offer a little more challenge, but there is only a lot of mileage to draw from what is a fairly concise game. It will not last you so long, then, but it fills this time with an elegant and flashy pleasure that makes you feel like an unstoppable agent.

  • Simple but fun game
  • Additional modes offer replayability

  • Surprisingly good dualsense support
  • Very accessible

  • No real depth

  • Timer Combo lightly stir
  • On the short side
  • Quite oblivable story

Good 7/10

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