Available lawsuits, approved $ 18 million … Criticism, why?

The US Court approved the Employment Opportunities Committee (EEOC) and the Anti-Holong of the Activision Blizzard. According to published documents, Activision Blizzard has appeared in the In-house sexual harassment, sex discrimination due to the agreement, depending on the content of the In-house sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

In the sense, this agreement has been criticized that the contents of the victims have resulted in the compensation of victims. In particular, the California Government Process Employment Housing (DFEH), which sued the Activision Blizzard earlier than EEOC, claims that their lawsuits have been seriously interrupted due to the agreement of the EEOC.

EEOC and DFEH ‘pastness’

EEOC and DFEH ‘crash’ of two institutions were revealed in October 2021. In the late September, DFEH was formally raised by the court. DFeh argued that EEOC and Activision Blizzard were included in the document agreed on the destruction, and it is included to the DFEH lawsuit, including the DFEH litigation.

However, in the process of being officially refuted to the DFEH’s appeal, it was likely to have a legal issue in the complaint and appeal of DFEH. The fact that two laws that led the DFEH’s lawsuits have worked in past EEOCs and have participated in Activision Blizzard surveys.

This is a violation of the California Conventional Conventional Act on the Act of Interest. According to the law, the individual who worked as a public official could not defend customers related to personal and practical involvement at the time of the study. This DFeh was awarded the “ongoing”, but it is weighted even in the possibility that the contribution would not be accepted.

In the end,

Daily Fisher Federal Judge, who was trial on March 22 (local time), approved the compensation for the victims of sexual harassment and sex discrimination by dismissing DFEH’s contributions.

The DFEH side lawyer filed by the agreement of the agreement argued that the agreement of the EEOC has infringed the jurisdiction of the DFEH. On the other hand, EEOC pointed out that DFEH has raised this, even though it was given for more than a few months to protest against the jurisdiction of jurisdiction.

According to the 22nd court record, the judge was only a “speculative” based on DFEH’s random basis, “The trial was all satisfied with the overall that the agreement was monetary, non-financial, and reasonable and reasonable.” Thus, the DFEH’s apparent was finalized and the agreement was finalized.

EEOC agreement, criticism cause?

Evacuation of EEOC and DFEH is just a substantial controversy of two government agencies, and it seems somewhat independent of the problem of victims. As the consensus of the EEOC, the victims were also opened to be rewarded.

However, the Washington Post analyzed that the EEOC agreement has been approved by the approval of the victims to reduce the compensation of the victims. Washington Post Quotes Local Lawmers’ representatives, “This ruling is definitely a victory of Activision Blizzard. The amount lost by agreement not only (rather than enterprise), but also (DFEH, etc.) can effectively weaken the lawsuits of the state (DFeH et al.). The lawsuit of the state government agency usually (compared to federal agencies) is much more aggressive. “

In other words, it is expected that DFeh will follow additional monetary compensation in the lawsuits, whether the compensation judgment through the EEOC is one or more. In addition, past history DFEH is likely to require more compensation than EEOC. Therefore, in the EEOC agreement, the Activision Blizzard is a minimizing the overall ‘loss’.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing Day 3 - 3/23 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

There was a voice that criticizes the compensation scale in October 202, the first time in the agreement. The US Communications Workers of America, CWA, one of the US Fuvered Labor Unions, pointed out that $ 18 million is a small amount compared to the total sales of the Activision Blizzard.

In fact, the 2021 net-income of Activision Blizzard is $ 8.8 billion (about 10 trillion won). Furthermore, the annual salary paid to the Barbie Cotton CEO, was said to be $ 15 million (about W18.1bn).

Meanwhile, according to this agreement, the sexual assault, the sexual violence victim in the Activision Blizzard, and the sexual violence victim may require a compensation for their share in the $ 18 million fund. In this case, however, it will not be able to participate in the DFEH litigation.

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