Moscow professional enters Markus Gisdol: He did not even say goodbye

After the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, ex-Bundesliga trainer Markus Gisdol broke his tents from the first division locomotive Moscow and returned to Germany. The way of farewell some professionals are still sick of the German.

To the players, the Gisdol to today make a bad style in his premature farewell to Lok Moscow, the Russian international Dmitry Barinov belongs. He met the retreat of the German completely surprising.

“I came to training and asked where the coach is. Then I was told that he has g1. He did not say goodbye to the team,” Barinov remembered “Barinov Express” to the day when he came to Farewell to the trainer learned.

Gisdol would have “at least say goodbye, organize a meal or explain the situation,” Barinov, who referred the behavior of the German in retrospectively as “ugly”.

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The farewell Gisdols is not the only thing that Barinov was angry in relation to the coach. His methods also caused the international head shaking, as he betrayed.

Lokomotiv Moscow head coach Markus Gisdol resigns over Russia’s ‘war of aggression’ in Ukraine - Eu

“The training intensity was not very high, we had free many days. That’s never happened to me in my career,” said the midfielder: “But that’s his approach. Gisdol has always been his best in training. But the intensity was always Weak and the lightest in my total professional career. “

At the allegation of some Russian media, Gisdol would have used the war only as a pretext and relying the team instead, because he controlled it into the crisis through his poor preparation, could certainly be there, Barinov believes. “Maybe that’s the way,” the midfielder left interpretation marvel at his answer.

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