Genshin Impact: How to get the new PlayStation Plus Free Rewards Pack

GENSHIN IMPACT , the HoyOverse action RPG released in September 2020, continues its trip by offering players new characters and map areas as the updates advance. For example, the last Patch 2.6 has introduced us by the SIMA region and A Ayato as a new character. Add yoursels that invite us to accumulate resources for future developments and incorporations. Soon they will arrive at the game Yelan and Kuki, so we have to start preparing. A task that will be easier for players thanks to a new pack of free rewards that many have overlooked.

Get a pack of free rewards for Genshin Impact

In order to obtain the free reward pack, we will need to have an active subscription to the service PLAYSTATION PLUS . A requirement that many undoubtedly will fulfill attending the popularity of the game in Sony systems. However, the fact that it is exclusive to this service does not imply that we can not have it if we play on PC or mobile devices, as we can pull any friend or family member who does not play Genshin Impact and if you have this service.

If we play in PlayStation, the process is very simple, since only we will have to “Comprarlo” free on the PS Store . In case we use our friends to get the rewards, all we have to do is link our Genshin Impact account to your console and subsequently download the package. It is not strictly necessary to do it directly from a PlayStation, although it does recommend. In any case, you can find the link to the rewards pack page below.

  • Free Rewards of Genshin Impact with PS Plus

Free pack content

First of all, it is important to notify that beyond May 11, it will not be possible to acquire it, since that day will take place the next change change. In this way we have a month to make with him. It is also very likely that in the future we have access to similar offers that relate Genshin Impact with PlayStation Plus, so we can get it. Still, enough talk and go to the content. This is what includes the pack of rewards:

  • x20 Hero wit
  • X15 Mystic refinement mineral
  • x50,000 mulberry.

  • X2 fragile resin

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It is true that they are not protogems, but it will come very well to leveling characters and improve weapons, in addition to facilitating the ‘farmeo’ thanks to the resin. It is true that we all want the better, but knowing that it is so easy to get, we will have to make good saying “A horse gift… “.

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