3. League until seasonal contemporary

Since Friday, the crude dates of third-league game days are 35 to 38.

The 35th matchday starts on Friday, April 22 (19 clock), with the home game of SV Wehen Wiesbaden against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. The pursuit duel between the VfL Osnabrück and SV Waldhof Mannheim goes on Saturday, April 23 (14 clock), over the stage.

The 36th matchday starts on April 29 with two games on Friday evening (19 clock): Eintracht Braunschweig against 1. FC Magdeburg and FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin against 1. FC Saarbrücken. The reason is the May Day on Sunday, where no games take place.

Last season game of the FCK on Sunday, May 8th

On the 37th matchday no Monday game will be held. In one of the six Saturday games on May 7, Magdeburg welcomes the TSV 1860 Munich. The FCK has its last season game due to the Turk Gocu withdrawal on Sunday, May 8 (14 o’clock), in Cologne – and thus has to watch on two Saturdays, which make the competitors.

RLCS Winter Major | Tiebreakers & Lower Round 1 | Day 3

Find the games of the final 38th matchday – as in the years before also – at the same time taking place and will be held on Saturday 14 May (13.30 clock).

35. Gameday

36. Gameday

37. Gameday

38. Gameday

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