Handball Bundesliga: Foxes Berlin impress coach Siewert

The SC Magdeburg has shown a strong reaction against the Thw Kiel after the home level against the THW Kiel and has returned to the trail on the way to the German Championship. The sovereign league leader won on Thursday at home to the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf with 30:22 (14:11). With 46: 4 points, the SCM continues to clearly before the Füchense Berlin (41: 9) on title course. The capital club celebrated a 28:23 (10:12) victory in the Bergische HC and moved past Rekordmeister Kiel (40:10) in the table.

After the clear 25: 30 defeat last Saturday against the THW Magdeburg in the duel with Hanover needed 4702 spectators around 20 minutes to get to tours. In the second half, the favorite turned on and left the guests no chance of the guests. Best thrower at the winner was Omar Ingi Magnusson with eight goals.

We have already felt a little pressure today.

HBC Nantes vs Füchse Berlin | Highlights | EHF European League Men 2021/22

Jannick Green

“After the last days we needed that, as the defeat against Kiel has already hurt”, SCM-Keeper Jannick Green at “Sky”: “It can happen, but it hurts. Then came this funny game in Lisbon have already felt a little pressure today. The pressure is big, but we enjoy it all the more when it runs well. “

The pursuer from Berlin also played his strengths only after the break. The decision fell in the middle of the second half, as the foxes with a 7-0 run within eleven minutes from 18:19 to 25:19. “I do not know how we did that. Giant reciprocity for my team”, confessed Füchse-Coach Jaron Siewert. Best guests shooters were Hans Lindberg and Jacob Holm with eight goals each. “I can not put the performance of Jacob Holm in words,” says, “He has pain all over the body and makes us so much so much today. Also from Igor Vori and Dejan Milosavljev in the goal, it was a giant performance.”

Stuttgarter fragrance brand in the relegation battle

An incredibly important victory in the fight against the descent was used by the TVB 1898 Stuttgart: The Swabia won before 3127 spectators with 34:29 (17:15) against Cup semi-finalist HC Erlangen. Also from the early red card for Jerome Müller, the Stuttgart did not get out of the rest. For the TVB, Sascha Pastkeicher and Dominik knows white each six goals, Simon Jeppsson’s seven hits for the HCE were ultimately meaningless.

This will be a finale for us.

TBV coach Roi Sanchez

Stuttgart’s coach Roi Sanchez, who had seen “a horny game” from his team, looked forward: “There is always pressure in the Bundesliga, but my head is now in Balingen. That will be a finale for us. When Balingen loses in Göppingen And we win in Balingen, we are seven points in front of you. Then we can breathe. “

SC Magdeburg – TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 30:22 (14:11)

Goals for Magdeburg: Oi Magnusson 8/4, Smits 5/2, Mertens 4, D. Pettersson 3, Ph. Weber 3, Suckstrup 2, Bezjak 1, Gullerud 1, Hornke 1, GT Kristjansson 1, O ‘ Sullivan 1
Goals for Hannover-Burgdorf: Cehte 6, J. Hansen 4/2, Edvardsson 3, Mävers 3, Kuzmanovski 2, Büchner 1, Feest 1, Krone 1, Pevnov 1
Referee: Jannik Otto (Kiel) / Raphael Piper (Kiel)
Viewers: 4702
Criminals: 8/8
Disqualification: \ – / –

Bergischer HC – Foxes Berlin 23:28 (12:10)

Goals for the BHC: Stutzke 6, Darj 4, A. Gunnarsson 4, D. Schmidt 3, Boomhouwer 2, Arnesson 1, Babak 1, Nikolaisen 1, Wake 1
Goals for the foxes: Holm 8, Lindberg 8/5, Marsic 5, Andersson 3, Drux 2, Vori 1, Wiede 1
Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt) / Denis Regner (Nieder-OLM)
Viewers: 2113
Criminal minutes: 4/4
Disqualification: \ – / –

TVB Stuttgart – HC Erlangen 34:29 (17:15)

Goals for Stuttgart: Pods 6, White 6, Zieker 4/2, Hanusz 3, Jer. Müller 3, Nicolaus 3, Peshevski 3, AugustineSen 2, V. Kristjansson 2/2, Lönn 1, Schulze 1
Goals for Erlangen: Jeppsson 7/4, Metzner 5, S. Female 4, Fäth 4, Sellin 4, Jaeger 3, Zechel 1, ÖVerby 1

Referee: Tobias Tönnies (Stendal) / Robert Schulze (Magdeburg)
Viewers: 3127
Criminal minutes: 12/12
Disqualification: Jer. Müller (15.) / –

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