HSV: Sonny smoke conveying spirit in the season finale

In the ascent race of the 2nd Bundesliga, the Hamburg SV is last more and more in the outsider role. HSV-Topscorer Sonny Tunes still gives themselves fighting.

“We have to stay with us, stay faithful to our game and put on the spirit we developed with this young team in recent months. Also from the phase that was not so positive, you can draw conclusions to it in the To make better weeks better, “said the midfielder in the interview with” Sky “.

The Hamburgers are in the lower house since four games Sieglos, in the table, the residue of the sixth on the lead duo FC St. Pauli and Werder Bremen is now already nine points.

Final production, LSA-powered, 2017 Holden HSV GTSR!
Smallness, however, emphasized it was “a lot of time” for the reds, the curve still wars. It now applies to summoning his own strengths, so the 29-year-old.

“There is certainly not many teams in the league, which play football as we. With this kind we create a lot of opportunities in every game, try to put footballing accents from behind to the front. I think it’s fun to look at it,” explained he.

Kittel wants to be “free” from HSV curse

Tunel itself has become indispensable with 20 gate participations in this season at the HSV. If the results do not agree with last once, the former Ingolstädter, however, is one of the first players who move into criticism. This downside of his strong season disturbs the beverage tens but little.

“Although I look a lot of football, but do not pursue the reviews in the newspapers. Sometimes I will point out of friends or from the family, but that’s me – honestly – completely no matter,” he led out.

Just this focus on the essentials gave just to the whole club as a maxim in the final spurt. This is all the more, as comparisons over the last two years are currently recurring. 2020 and 2021 the HSV had played lightly in spring twice the rise, in the month of April, the hanseats could never win a game in the second league.

“I think everyone is well advised to clear themselves from them and maybe just do not read so much,” says coat.

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