How to make and powered drill in Core Keeper

When you try to collect ore deposits in Biome Azeos, you will tell you that you need a drill. The following manual will show you how to create a boring to start mining ore in Core Keeper.

How to unlock mining in Core Keeper

To start mining minerals, you need to first unlock the desert of the Azeos, defeating three bosses: depurchase, frustrating mass; Hills, Eater and Mother Hiles. Place their precious stones in the appropriate sanctuary and activate the kernel to open the Azeos desert.

Then you need scarlett ore and iron ore. You need to clean these ores using a smelter and make scarlett ingots. You will need about 40 pieces of both rods for the manufacture of a drill. Please note that you can create more than one drill to speed up the production process.

How to create a drill in Core Keeper


You need an iron bench to make an e-table. You will also need scarlett workbench for the manufacture of automation desk.

First start from the spreadsheet. You need to create an electricity generator for which ten copper ingots are required, five iron bars and one gold ingot. You also need to make a pair of electrical wires, for which one copper ingot will be required.

Now go to the automation table. You need to make a drill, which is the heart of our mineral mining operations, and for this requires ten iron bars and ten scarlett ingots. You will then need a hand of a robot, consisting of five iron rods and five Scarlett rods. You will also need a conveyor belt that is one iron ingot and one scarlett ingot.

How to drill in Core Keeper

Put the bee where you want to extract the ore, which should be near the st1. You can rotate the drill by pressing E and turning face to a rock.

Then place the generator next to the drill. Now you need to place a robotic hand and conveyor belt. The arrows are shown in which direction the conveyor belt will move the material. You can direct the material on a robotic hand.

At the end of the manipulator, you can put a chest for collecting ore or a melting furnace, which can automatically melting ore. At the end of the furnace, you can put a chest for collecting ore.

The last thing you need to do is put on your drills and conveyors. Drills located near the generator do not need electrical wires for their own power supply. However, the drill located away from the generator needs electrical wires to power.

The red point is indicated by the aloying ore deposits on the map, and light yellow spots on the map are marked copper deposits. Remember that these deposits are not endless, therefore, as soon as you all accommodate them, there will be nothing left, and you need to find another ore field in another place. Gold deposits are quite small, and a lot of copper fields.

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