Records in Camp Nou: Barcelona Furio against Real

Sopranos Furio on Christopher ColumbusCC
Barça coach Jonatan GiralDez exchanged twice as compared to the 3: 1 gaullen success and brought Irene Paredes and Pina for Leila and Pereira new to the beginning.

Its opposite, real coach Alberto Toril, on the other hand, rotated only once and brought Ivana for Rocio into the domestic defense. In the third Clasico in March, Real should be the first victory. But this should be difficult to prove to be difficult in the League and Champions League.

Barça made pressure in an almost sold-out Camp Nou from the beginning. Before impressive backdrops, the hosts dominated the first 15 minutes and went by Maria Leon earned in the lead: their flank from the sideline was too long, as Misa was too far out in the real box, the ball sailed into the net (8.). Attractions Tor at the kick-off!

Real is equal to the point

However, the madrileans did not give up and good with their first opportunity: Olga stepped a penalty – Irene Paredes had previously ranked with his arm – very placed at the bottom right pure (16th). Then a very two-fighting game developed in which Hansen was the only one a good chance (29.). Your shot hissed over the latte. With many fouls real often broke the play flow and brought a 1: 1 in the break.

After the pause whistle, the guests then went to Furios in front: Zornoza fascinated a heart from 40 meters and surprised panos in the box of Barça. The ball sailed worth seeing 2: 1 into the net (48.).

barça after residue merciless

But the hosts did not like them long and turned the game in just three minutes: first Rome Aitana the ball of 15 meters in the right corner (52nd), a little later it was Pina, who surprised with an actually missed flank Misa and 3: 2 set (55.).

After that, the Catalans played great. Alexia made poorly look with her goal Misa (62.), only eight minutes later, Hansen dusted on the second post and scored the 5: 2 (70th). From the 2: 2 dominated the Bluegrana – real was regularly played on the wall and had to take care of his own sixteen, not losing the ball.

The 5: 2 was highly deserved and so Barcelona stormed into the semifinals of the Champions League. The game also took place in front of a record scenery: 91,553 fans looked at the game. The former world record was 90,185 at the 1999 World Cup Final in Pasadena, USA.

In the Champions League semi-final, which is to go over the stage at the end of April, Barcelona then meets the winner of the quarter-final between Arsenal and the VfL Wolfsburg. The first leg in London ended with 1: 1.

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