Andrew Garfield still does not know if Tasm3 will be a reality

As you will remember, one of the most beloved moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home, was when Andrew Garfield appeared on the screen once again as the arachnid. Since then, the fans have started a campaign so that Sony makes a third movie of The Amazing Spider-Man a reality. However, someone who does not intend to talk about this possibility, is Andrew Garfield.

In a recent talk with The Hollywood Reporter, Garfield was questioned by the possibility of starring a third film by The Amazing Spider-Man. Although the actor would like, he does not know anything about it, despite the fact that this is difficult to believe for many people . This was what he commented:

“No Mine Update. Nobody is going to believe anything that never says. That’s my problem”.

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Since the first rumors about the return of him to this role in spider-man: no way home, Garfield constantly denied the participation of him, something that at the end of the day turned out to be true. Is so many people already You can not believe the actor. As a consequence, Spider 3 simply does not want to talk about this topic.

It seems that we will have an answer to this doubt until it is a reality _The amazing spider-man 3 _ , or maybe never. On related topics, a deleted scene from No Way Home insinuates the return of Tobery Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Similarly, here you can check the first 10 minutes of this movie.

Editor’s note:

Although the idea of ​​seeing a third movie of The Amazing Spider-Man is striking, we must also accept the fact that this project may never come true.

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