Werder Bremen: Coach Werner wishes to start second chance

Werder Bremens Trainer Ole Werner wishes his predecessor Markus start a return to the football professional pupil.

“I wish him he gets a second chance that he gets the opportunity to stand again as a coach in the square,” said Werner in an online media round of the second division. “He has named his mistake and admitted, and I believe also believed that I only wish him the best in that way,” said Werner.

At the beginning was resigned as Werder trainer on November 20, because the prosecutor’s office against him determined because of the use of a fake vaccination certificate. In the meantime, the district court of Bremen has sentenced him to a fine of 36,000 euros and the Werner wishess court of the German Football Chamber to a barrier of one year, which will be suspended from the 10th of June.

The 47-year-old had now opened in the “Werner wishess studio” of ZDF and in the “picture on Sunday” for the first time publicly to the incident and apologizes for his behavior. He failed “all the way as a role model.” And “I have many people who have confident in me and supported me was disappointed and lied,” had said. “Of course you wish a human gets a second chance. But I can not expect that.”

Nach Entschuldigung von Ex-Trainer Markus Anfang: So reagiert Werder Bremen-Nachfolger Ole Werner

Under his successor Werner, Bremen started correctly in the 2nd Bundesliga and can hope seven gaming days before the end of the season as a table second to a return to the Bundesliga. Werner and beginning are known from common keel times. “For me, Markus remains a good coach. It’s also a lot of courage to sit down and express yourself,” Werner said.

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