UEFA probably waives salary top

The Reformed Financial Control System of the European Football Union UEFA provides for a report no salary upper limit.

According to the “New York Times”, the clubs should be required instead not to spend more than 70 percent of revenue for, for example, transfers and salaries. The newspaper relies on namely unnamed sources from the environment of reform negotiations. The new system should therefore be decided at the upcoming UEFA Executive Committee Session in early April.

In the UEFA has been discussed for months about the reform of so-called financial fair play. This implies in principle that the clubs participating in the European Cup are not allowed to spend significantly more than they take. In the past, however, the rules were over and over again – especially associations that are alimented by investors or states.

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UEFA President Aleksander Cefer should have been a fan of the salary top. Also about a kind of luxury tax for clubs that spend too much had been reported. At the beginning of February, the new managing director of the German Football League, Donata Hops, had also pronounced for a salary top. The football would do a favor if you would regulate the player salaries, the 45-year-old said in the interview of the “picture on Sunday”.

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