UEFA because of Russia in readiness

The European Football Union UEFA has recently commented on reports on a possible exclusion of the Russian association.

British media, including the “Daily Mail”, had written that the surprising official interest of Russia had led to the alignment of the EM 2028 or 2032 to large irritation at UEFA – and the exclusion as a political reaction is imminent. After the criminal war on Ukraine, Russia is isolated in international UEFAs.

UEFA “In Willingness”

Abramovich yacht blocked by Ukrainian protesters in Turkey

The UEFA Executive Committee is “willingness” to convene unscheduled conferences in order to re-evaluate the “legal and situation in the course of development and, if necessary, to make further decisions”. Also “in the light of the clarity of the Russian Association for the focus of the European Championship”, the UEFA announced on request of the German Press Agency.

Russia had sent his declaration of intent on Wednesday evening shortly before the date. The UEFA wants to award the end rounds 2028 and 2032 together. Favorites on the focus of the tournament in six years are Great Britain and Ireland. For 2032 Italy seems to lie in front. Turkey wants to align the big event either 2028 or 2032 as Russia. The decision should fall in September 2023.

Russian teams and athletes were suspended by virtually all UEFAs associations on the 24th of February after the attack on Ukraine on February 24 – including the UEFA and the World Association of Fifa. The Russian football national team was excluded from the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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