Keller defends: I have not filed a criminal complaint

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As shortly before the DFB Bundestag, the investigators of the public prosecutor’s office Frankfurt / Main once again passed by the association in residential and office space of ex-officials and service providers of the DFB, quickly came out: It was about the ominous contract with the media consultant Kurt Diekmann. “On behalf of the DFB, a former manager of the DFB shall conclude a service contract with a communication agency. Due to this Treaty, the DFB should have paid a total of 360,000 euros to the communication agency. The contract should have been a mere authority contract,” had the Public Prosecutor’s Office. That was early February.

Fast was the rumor on the market: the raid go back to a criminal complaint cellar. This manifested itself in the interview of the new President Neuendorf with the mirror, the Hamburg magazine claims in a question to the 60-year-old: “The truth also belongs that in power struggle at the DFB became a popular method, the prosecutor against the other side to turn on. Your predecessor cellar, for example, has set credentials for infidelity against the Ex-Secretary-General Curtius and the former PR consultant of the DFB, Kurt Diekmann. “

Keller: “That does not match the truth”

This confronted by the contract, cellar reacts upset: “That does not correspond to the truth. I have not filed a criminal complaint. The association knows exactly that there was no criminal complaint.” That would have been communicated in the examination report. “

In fact, Diekmann had shed the cellar and its former office manager Samy Hamama in early summer 2021 because of a potential mystery treason, because content from the DieKmann contract had appeared in the media. So far, the examination evidently runs smoothly. Rather, the current preliminary investigation against Dercmann, Curtius and Co. seems to go back to an opinion of the Internal Audit Committee of the DFB, according to which it should be unclear, for which the association actually paid the consultant. The presumption of innocence applies.

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