Bavaria wins sovereign against food and remains at Wolfsburg

Between the two games in the Champions League against PSG received FC Bayern Munich eating the relegated SGS – and had to do without six players who have been positively tested on Corona (Dallmann, Damnjanovic, Kett, Vilhjalmsdottir, Wenninger and Zadrazil). So coach Jens Scheuer changed his starting eleven on four positions, including Simon for glass. His trainer colleague Markus Högner exchanged a lot, a total of six times: Since the two professional keepers were missing, among other things, Kämper for the first time for a year was back in the box.

Wolfsburg - Bayern. BL-2014/15 (4-1)

Already in the first half dominante Münchnerinnen decided the game through gates of Asseyi per foot (7th), Kumagai by head (24th) and Simon (40th), which transformed a free kick from about 30 meters worth seeing directly. Food hardly had something to oppose and came in the first pass only to a significant scorchancies, as a star from 18 meters hit the crossbar (37.).

Essen increases in the second round

In the second round, the SGS suddenly played with. The Esseners were higher, gaining more aggressive and defended more consistently so that Bavarians did not come to further opportunities for a long time to make the result clearer. The SGS did not come to good opportunities due to their imprecise passport.

Only in the final phase, the Münchnerinnen became dangerous again and increased by Kumagais second header at 4: 0 (78.). The FCB women were then noticeably wondering to protect their powers. For the six players who were already missing today for positive corona tests, are also not used at the Champions League second leg against Paris on Wednesday (21 clock). The Bundesliga coming to the top game in Wolfsburg next Sunday (2 pm).

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