Today I can only be astonished about this recklessness

Falko Götz is one of the 17 footballers, which are fled from the GDR during their active career. On November 2, 1983, the then 21-year-old attacker of the BFC Dynamo before the away game of the 2nd round in the European Cup of the national champion at Partizan Belgrade (0: 1) together with his teammate Dirk Schlegel to the German Embassy in the then Yugoslavia and Fled to the West in the night of November 3. By car we went to Ljubljana, with the night train and passports with wrong names – to Munich.

Götz landed like Schlegel near Bayer Leverkusen and played on 3 November 1984 at Arminia Bielefeld (1: 1) his first Bundesliga game for Bayer. This game was followed by the Werkself as well as for the 1st FC Cologne (between 1988 and 1992) 241 more Bundesliga Games (46 Goals) and 47 second division pairs (five goals) for the 1st FC Saarbrücken and Hertha BSC. In addition, Götz played two years for Galatasaray Istanbul and became two Turkish masters twice. In his title collection, there are also three GDR championships with the BFC Dynamo and the UEFA Cup victory with Leverkusen 1988.

Götz is now working as Scout for Bayer Leverkusen

In 1997, Götz began in 1997 in 1997 and remained interrupted by 2007 at the capital club – interrupted by a one-year intermzzo as Chef coach at 1860 Munich (March 2003-April 2004). Also at Hertha, Götz trained the Bundesliga professional, in the second half of the 2001/02 season and from 1 July 2004 to 10 April 2007. Subsequently, Götz Holstein Kiel, the National Team Vietnam, Oregebirge Aue, the 1st FC Saarbrücken and Lastly, the FSV Frankfurt. Since 2019, Götz works as Scout for Bayer Leverkusen. On this Saturday he celebrates his 60th birthday.

Leverkusen: Mr. Götz, is there a big sause on Saturday or keep the fete in a manageable frame?

Falko Götz: I would have liked to do a big party. But I was invited twice to birthdays, which were then contaminated by Corona. That’s why I decided to fly to Berlin with my family and organize a nice food there – but rather in the smaller circle. I would like to invite friends, but would be afraid that then from 50 guests become Corona only 20. That’s why I will move the party in safer times.

How are you when it comes from Saturday to the 60. Do you get welding outbursts or go left with it?

Because of the number, I can rather get sweat breaks (laughs). But I feel comfortable in my skin, have few health problems and can continue to operate athletically. I had two serious injuries in my career, a Achilles tendon tear and a cruciate ligament. But I can train that relatively well.

The 60-year-old only operates sports that do not require a duel

What does your sports program look like today?

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I still play golf, go running and drive a lot of bicycle. In January I was skiing again, that was fine too.

What looks like football in the traditional team of Bayer 04?

I am already involved, but more than coaches on the sideline. Football playing himself somehow is too stressful, because there is one or the other impact in the muscles. That’s why I hold it with sports that do not require a duel.

They work at Bayer as Scout. Did you find your fulfillment in this job? Or do you want to be trainer again?

I have actually completed with the coaching job. I have just found my fulfillment as Scout. Especially since the circle with Bayer Leverkusen as an employer – as after my escape in the FRD then – is certainly closing. I do not have something different again.

I’m thinking that my career as a player is relatively optimal according to my possibilities.

Falko Götz

Let’s look at your player career. Did you get everything out? Or tell yourself sometimes: Falko, because you could have reached more?

I think that my career is relatively optimal as a player in my possibilities. The fact that I have played for GDR selection teams at a young age and then no longer allowed to play for the Federal Republic for my escape, has braked the ambition in the national team. But you have to stay on the carpet. I have successfully played in the Bundesliga and abroad at top level and won titles. For this I am grateful – and also that serious injuries came until the end of my career. For my best time I was healthy.

They were still in the best football age to turn and reunion. Do not regret it a little, not played again for the United Germany?

In the late 20s, this was no longer an issue for me. I gave me satisfaction that I had the first FC Cologne with five later world masters from 1990 (Bodo Illgner, Jürgen Kohler, Paul Steiner, Pierre Littbarski and Thomas Häßler; anm. D. Red.) had a very nice time and me then prevailed as a regular player.

They have come as a striker from the BFC Dynamo 1983 to Leverkusen and have – the older they were – always played back. Do you feel rather as a striker or as a all-rounder?

Of course as a striker (laughs). Basically, I was always fun to give goals to prevent goals. Even if I played in Cologne, Istanbul and after my return in Saarbrücken and Hertha in midfield and in the defense.

Today I can only marvel at this youthful carelessness – or the courage. I really wanted to play in the Bundesliga, that was in my head firmly in it.

Falko Götz

In 1983, they fled with their teammate Dirk Schlegel in front of the Europapokal game of the BFC Dynamo at Partizan Belgrade. What do you feel today if you think about your escape and circumstances?

Today I can only marvel at this youthful carelessness – or the courage. I really wanted to play in the Bundesliga, that was in my head firmly in it. The consequences – or what could have happened to the flight – you get only in departure, with a bit more life experience. I have sometimes in the head, which could have been wrong at that time. I’ve often had luck in my life thank God. To make this decision to take them through and then have used the chance in the Federal Republic, is a very important point in my life.

If I speak of highlights, I have to clearly lift my coaching time at Hertha BSC.

Falko Götz

Which goods in your career as a professional and trainer the highlights?

There were heights and depths. I have made choices that were optimal – but also which, which were do not optimally. If I speak of highlights, I have to clearly lift my coaching time at Hertha BSC. As Berliner it was a great thing for me to live and work in the city of my family. These were outstanding ten years.

There is something in your career that you would definitely do different times today?

I’m just too good today, as if I allow negative things in my head. There was certainly human disappointments, and I also deleted one or other people from my phone book. But these things are not worth wearing them to the public. My life has walked to 80, 85 percent so well. Why should I deal with the 15 percent, which did not go so well?

Do you still have contact with Dirk Schlegel?

Yes. I will meet Dirk on my birthday, he is practically to my family.

You say your coaching time at Hertha BSC was a highlight for you. How do you judge what happened to Hertha?

I will be Hertha fan for my life. Who makes me a little sense, the employees I know from my time and who are currently certainly not a nice time. As Hertha is currently in public, it is certainly suboptimal. It’s just a pity that you do not get this squad to run. He is above average and does not justify the table space on which Hertha is now. Next weekend, Hertha is a guest in Leverkusen, and I hope we will not feel the youngest Berlin upswing there.

Do you still have contact with the BFC Dynamo?

With Andreas Thom (longtime player of the BFC Dynamo, later u. A. In Leverkusen and Hertha; anm. D. Red.) I call regularly. But I did not want to contact the club. I am not only fled in 1983 because I wanted to play in the Bundesliga, but just wanted to go away from this club. I had not only nice times in my development there. The chapter BFC Dynamo I also finished emotionally with my escape.

Again to your current job as Scout: How long do you still want to do that? Is 65 end at the latest?

At the moment I’m still a lot on the way. If that no longer go or become more important to me, I would surely seek the conversation with the club guide. But I’m too fit, as if I put myself in the garden and roses Schnippele. I do not think actually at pension.

What makes Falko Götz in ten years?

Then the relationship work for leisure safely turned by 80 percent in favor of free time (laughs).

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