Taster course for FoBassam

On Friday, the game association in the sovereign 3: 0 in the test match in the second division Jahn Regensburg put a convincing appearance. For this purpose, a young center defendant contributed his part, the coach Leitl totled a taster course in the profite team. A probationary sample that Oliver Fobassam Nawe has quite passed.

Despite his only 18 years, the beefy 1.90-M-Hüne presented a good physical presence and also showed an amazing clarity in the battle behavior. In terms of positioning, the talent, the Fürth was brought in this winter from Wolfsburg and remotely tied by 2024. Co-trainer and defensive specialist Andre Mijatovic repeatedly provided fobassam with new instructions, even because the shamrock operated with a triple chain this time.

Overall, it was a good appearance of him, he has shown that he can keep up very well.

Stefan Leitl

Overall, Fobassam bot a promising performance. “Physically, he has been doing a lot with, always good, if these guys come to play without the very great intensity in testing matches. He’s very good,” Leitl praised afterwards, but had also made deficits: “What we have to work, the decision is when he plays really serious football, he still has to learn and get out of this NLZ mode. “

As an example, the 44-year-old called a tattered Zidane role, which promptly led to unnecessary ball loss. “But he is still a young player,” shows Leitl understanding, “Overall, it was a good appearance of him, he has shown that he can keep up very well.”

اولین آواز خواندن راضیه،آموزش و تمرین دمبوره قسمت سوم/Demborah Training Part III
First, Fobassam should continue to train with the professionals. “Now I plan with him, but they are also important to him,” explains Leitl, who now wants to build the young defender carefully. “He’s fresh, a talent we plan with in the future,” says Leitl, “Now it is to invest and work on him, then we will see to what extent he can become a factor.”

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