Hermann Gerland in retrospect: Was a lot to belittle earlier

Hermann Gerland – football manager | BIRKENSTORY | BIRKENSTOCK
Hermann Gerland, currently assistant coach at the German U21 national team, has solved himself from some of his former behavior as a coach meanwhile. “My style does not work anymore. I used to be a lot to be bilored, was loud and wrapped. I would not do that today,” said the 67-year-old at Ran.de. He has become looser, as Gerland continues, as co-coach of Hansi Flick and especially from Jupp Heynckes learned: “Especially Heynckes used to be just as obsessed and borded as me.” Articles and videos about the topic * “One anding!” Gerland does Bayern and DFB offspring * Demand from the Tiger: “We need dribbler” * FCB talent enthuses Lewandowski * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. But he was closely watching how superlined Heynckes and Flick dealt with their players. “And they have returned them with performance,” Gerland said.

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