Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide

So you have decided to roll up a character and immerse yourself in the world of Bunkers and Badasses. But since this is still a game set in the world of borderlands, you must make sure you have your statistics as you want them. Here is our The Wonderland of Tiny Tina Clawbringer Guide to help you get the most out of this scaly class.

Clawbringer guide from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Creation of characters

Like other classes in Tiny Tina_’s wonders, the creation of characters is mainly cosmetic. Choose your body type first, your pronouns and all your different facial features.

But once this is done, you must concentrate on your background. The great attraction of the Clawbringer is that you get a fellow Wyvern that flies through the battlefield and illuminates enemies with fire. In addition, the skill tree gives you the opportunity to set fire to enemies with each blow and even trigger damage by rays with your body-to-hand attacks.

Because of this, you have two different options. The first is rebellious alchemist . This will reduce your probability of critical hit, but it will make all your state effects more powerful. Since it will launch fire and lightning, this additional increase in your DOT will make a big difference. In addition, it does not need a shot in the head to activate an effect, so precision is not a great loss. Unfortunately, this background reduces your Constitution score, which determines your maximum health and protection values ​​(the Wonderlands shield version). If you really want to support you in the control of crowds and elementary damage, this is the best initial background for you, but you will be much easier to kill.

Alternatively, failed monk The bottom still provides greater state effect damage, 8% compared to 12% of Rogue Alchemist, but does not remove your Constitution. Unfortunately, it accumulates your scores of strength and dexterity, which reduces not only your probability of critical hit, but also your critical damage.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide – Skill Tree

I mention these two paths since there are two viable key constructions for the Clawbringer. The first is destined to Rogue Alchemist, which I like to call the Toasty construction. This focuses on the most left skills in the skill tree that deal completely from fire damage.

At the beginning of the game, concentrate on increasing OATH to Fire, which will give you fire damage with all your attacks.

Once the second level is unlocked, opt for the Dragon Aura skill, which further increases your elementary damage. Aura will even increase elementary damage for allies if you plan to play cooperatively.

The third level unlocks Blasthumet’s favor, which allows you to generate a fire orb that looks for enemies and exploits, which will be combined with your Dragon Aura and Rogue Alchemist fund to cause maximum damage.

Once you reach the fourth level, Collect Fire Bolt. This will not only give you more fire to your fellow Wyvern, but will also increase your weapons damage, which will make it easier to activate Blasthort’s favor, which leads to more fire. Also, it invests some points in Friend to Fleme, which will increase the base damage of your Wyvern. This leaves the fifth level. If you have already reached your previous skills, invest some points in amazement. This will increase your critical hit damage every time you influence fire damage. If you have done the construction well, you should always be damaging fire, so this will only give you more strength to your weapons.

Alternatively, there is what I like to call the stormwall, a tank construction for clawbringer **. This works better with the failed monk background.

First, invest points in Radiance to increase your maximum protection as soon as possible. Once you reach level 7, you should be able to change your class skill of a single-heat hammer blow to throw your hammer while crackling as a certain Nordic God. Change to that skill as soon as possible.

Clawbringer Skill Tree!!! (Pet Class & Free Elemental Damage) | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
In addition, put some points in an oath of the thunder, which gives all your body attacks additional ray damage… and your hammer release is treated as a melee attack.

As for the second level of skills, it invests some points both at reprimand and dedication. The dedication gives you a reduction of damage and, if you are playing cooperatively, it will reflect the enemy attacks on your allies as rays. If you are more a lone player, it invests more in reprimand, which reduces the reuse times of your skills depending on the amount of Ward you have currently active. With the reduction of damage and the increase of Ward de Radiance and Dedication, you will always be launching your hammer.

Turning to the fourth level of skills, invest in Storm Breath. This will change the breath weapon of your Wyvern of lightning fire and will give you a greater reduction in damage. Better yet, Friend to Flem will continue to enhance your partner’s attack. As for the fifth level, put all your points in indomitable. This will allow you to return immediately to be in an agonizing state with full protection and additional ray damage.

Clawbringer guide from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Statistics and Hero Equipment

Finally, since Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is strongly inspired by TTRPG, you also have statistics points to invest every time you upload level. That is why the background is so important because they determine how much you can invest in those skills.

First, we will start with our Toasty Clawbringer. Its main skill in which I invest will be wisdom, which gives it more condition of state effect. The second is harmonization, with which you will make your giant hammer fire blow skill more frequently. Since construction has to do with the control of crowds and see the world burn, it is essential. As for the third skill, I would say strength, since it will increase your critical damage when you really do some critical shots, something that will be worth at the end of the game with your amazement skill.

The following is the Stormwall Clawbringer. Your main skill will be the Constitution, since construction is about not falling. The following will be wisdom to make the most of the control of crowds of your ray. Your tertiary skill must be in tune, which will work very well with your reprimand and will allow you to simply throw the hammer.

As for the teams and game styles to take into account, that is a bit more universal. Since the two constructions mentioned for Clawbringer focus on the defense and control of crowds, you will want to focus on the mid-range weapon. Toasty clawbringers should invest in repeaters and SMG for their high fire cadence, because each bullet means more fire. If those weapons cause elementary damage of any kind, that is even better. As for Stormwall Clawbringers, magical shotguns and heavy body weapons like battle axes and decks will serve you well. Anything that makes you know closely at a crackling lightning is a good time.

Tiny Tina’s Clawbringer Guide Wonderlands – Strengths and Disadvantages

Finally, not all kinds or compilations The country of the wonders of Tiny Tina is truly perfect. The clawbringer is not different. While the construction Toasty is fantastic for the control of crowds and some juicy dot, it focuses completely on fire damage, something that does not work for all types of enemies. If you are fighting against zombies or goblins, they will be dead in seconds. However, if you are fighting against skeletons or golems, you will hit a wall. This is doubly frustrating against certain bosses. Combine that with your health group smaller and when it hit a wall, it will hit it tightly.

Alternatively, Stormwall Clawbringer is excellent in defense and control of crowds, but will not have the same impact as the other classes in battles with direct weapons. This is due to the weakest critical blows and the construction approach in combat at close range. Your hammer launch ability is a huge pen on your cap, but if that closes, you will feel the lack of weapons synergy.

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