Far Cry 6: A Stranger Things and a Free Weekend

Between house collaborations (Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, Joseph Seed) and those involving famous figures from elsewhere (Danny Trejo, Rambo), Far Cry 6 specialized in the art of Crossover. The proof still, this partnership came out of nowhere with the famous Stranger Things series, whose season 4 will make its debut in May 2022 on Netflix.

This free mission named the disappearance offers the owners of Far Cry 6 a stealth gameplay experience in a horror-survival atmosphere in the presence of new characters, new equipment and new stories. The players will be transported in a twisted version of Yara, inspired by the world upside down from stranger Things, with what it implies with disappearances. Starting with Chorizo’s, the Canine companion that Dani is going to find at the risk of his life. This mission is part of a 5th update with details available on the official game website.

By the way, Ubisoft organizes a free weekend from March 24th to the 27th to try the full game on all platforms, an offer that includes the Stranger Things mission, which is available after passing the tutorial missions and dwriting the guerrilla camp.. Far Cry 6 will also be offered to -50% until March 27.


Free Crossover Mission Trailer | Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things

Far Cry 6 – Trailer of the Stranger Things Mission

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