Lineage M, 75 levels from Levels

NCsoft was conducted on 23rd, Lineage M ‘Legacy (Legacy): Great Heritage’ update.

This update has to play Purple on streaming to enjoy Lineage M, which can be done with an article and a hell system that prevents an unrivaled PK (Player Kill), a hell system that prevents unrivaled PK (Player Kill).

First, the article enhanced the Stern, the straightening skills to improve the Skill, the frontline to lead the battle at the forefront. A grand master or the like capted to have a blade stern (veteran), a certain skill hit, and a grand master with a clash with a crash when a clash with a crash when a blade stern (veteran), a certain skill hit is increased and a certain skill was added to the stun resistance reduction.

Then, Dark Elv has enhanced the assassin concept and hunting performance that kills the enemy secretly. Depending on the character physical defense (AC), the PVE Damage reduction can rise, the Schedow Armor (Destini), which is rising, the skill range is increased and the adherence (Destini), which has been added to the nearby declining debuff. You can also learn a new skill ‘Nightmare’ that throws a recycble to a random destination.

By April 6, we can make classes through class changes and Darkel Pro. You can also change the skills to match the class.

Lineage 2m ​ 리니지2m - 77 lvl up

Added ‘hell system’ to prevent unrecognized PK with character reorganization. If the user will treat another character to reduce the inclination value, the PK count rises. When the PK count reaches 1,000, it is forced to force for a predetermined time for a period of time. In the hell dungeon, experience and items can not be obtained, and the PK count can be obtained by treating multiple monsters or to the Bible item of the Atonement.

In addition, one-to-one deals added, PC and mobile Purple on streaming on PC and mobile. One-to-one transactions can trade 75 items from more than 75 levels, and one commission per trading item is 100 diaes. After a locked transaction completion method after a lock for a safe deal, it can not be traded in the transformation state of the DPOpeller that can not be confirmed by the transaction target information.

In addition, Adena (in the game) [Season Pass] When you buy a great heritage, you can get a TJ coupon (special store equipment recovery / transformation synthesis / magic type synthesis), and update pre-reservation compensation is a coupon code by April 20 You can enter it.

For more information, see Lineage M Official Website.

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