Cave Sandbox Survival “Core Keeper” breaks up to 500,000. Digging with nonstop

Developer PugStorm announced on March 22nd, a Cave Sandbox Action Games “ Core Keeper ” has ever brought out 5 million copies. This work started early access delivery for PC (STeam) on March 8, and reported 250,000 sales after about a week. Subsequently, strong slippage seems to continue.

“Core Keeper” is a sandbox action game that is set to underground caves. Solo play and up to eight online cooperative plays are also supported. The player explores a random generated vast map on the stage of the mystery underground world. Excavation of resources, leaving enemies, making full use of crafts to expand equipment and bases.

This work reported 25 million copies on March 14, which was about a week after early access distribution start (related articles). Since then, sales were doubled in about a week. The number of daily peak simultaneous connectors in STEAM maintains the level of around 30,000 people, and it seems that two thousands of people are watched by Twitch every day (STEAMDB). According to this announcement, the total viewing time in Twitch in this work has been over 2 million hours. In addition, in the presentation, it is also conveyed that the operation of the STEAM DECK in this work is officially guaranteed.

Mining, Building, Crafting and Fighting To Stay Alive! Underground Stardew Valley? Core Keeper [E1]

In addition, this work has also maintained well-being in STEAM user reviews. Article Writing Currently, 5056 reviews have been received, and 91% of which are well received “very popular” status. The name of the sandbox work such as “Main Craft” and “Teraria” and “Stardew Valley” seems to have been raised, and it seems that handy making as a sandbox game is being evaluated. While easy-to-understand UI and gameplay are also popular, there is a tendency to divide the evaluation of the difficulty of the firm boss. Sometimes I have started early access delivery, it seems that it is expected to develop in future updates.

This work plans to expand a wide variety of content, including new and bosses and stories, in addition to new and discovered new items, in addition to the official version of 2022. Also, it is said that further language correspondence is also included in the field of view. In addition, in order to solve the connection problem currently in multiplayer, we are looking for a new network type test player.

“Core Keeper” is delivering early access to PC (STeam).

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