Makes with mods from Sifu the best matrix

Thanks to mods, you can clip in Sifu as a Neo Dozensend Agent Smiths.

The dopest Matrix mod for Sifu
Mods are simply one of the best inventions of humanity, at least from the point of view of a PC player. The action game Sifu, which appeared in February, more precisely whose modding community is the best proof. The latter has already produced such some cool creations, but the works of the Modder’s Halfmillz exceed everything previously existed. The good man has made it a mission to make a matrix game from the Martial Arts adventure with Asia setting. And there a) the combat system of Sifu is fantastic and b) the previous adaptations of the films did not really have glued with high quality, the project is a blessing for the fans.

Halfmillz has not designed a single modification. These are four individual specimens, which in combination, so to speak, a total conversion. Well, not quite, because you still play the levels of the main game. But you control Neo, all the opponents look like Film Schurke Agent Smith, a color filter ensures the typical green look of the cinema stripes and the appropriate sound effects from the template complete the whole thing.

It would certainly be more comfortable when Halfmillz has published all as a package, but the installation is still extremely easy. You just have to unpack the downloaded archives and each copy the included “Sifu” folder in the main directory of the game. If your computer asks you if files are to be replaced, you just confirm that.

To make the matrix experience in Sifu perfect, you still install the right UI and “Enemy Spawner” mod by Kangiedanie. The former fits the interface to the typical matrix look, the latter ensures that you can spawn as many opponents as you want. So if you have always wanted to replay the fight scene from “Matrix Reloaded”, in which Neo wants to reinstate against a whole army of Agent Smiths, this is now possible, this is possible thanks to Sifu and the mentioned mods.

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