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Game portable computers have some advantages over an office configuration. They are compact for those who have no space for a giant tower and a monitor and are portable, allowing players to play where they are most comfortable. Laptop games can vary in price and specifications, such as their large counterparts. Everyone does not have the budget for a high level configuration or even for high-end laptops. Reducing costs also means reduce quality and performance. But there are always good laptops for less than $ 1000.

In short:

  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Lenovo Legion 5
  • Dell G5 15 Laptop Computer 15
  • MSI GF63

The main costs will be things like graphics cards and processors. This means that games may have fewer images than a better quality image and may have trouble with demanding games graphically. If you hope to run RED Dead redemption 2 to max graphics and get more than 100 images, you may want to consider increasing your budget. If you hope a laptop capable of performing most of the games at a decent rate and saving your portfolio, here are the best market options based on specifications and equipment. The following laptops are not in a particular order. Everyone has his strengths and weaknesses.

Released in March 2020, Acer Nitro 5 is a reliable game laptop measuring 15 inches. There are some variants that modify the specifications of the laptop, but also the price. At the basic level, Acer Nitro 5 has a fast SSD and 8 GB of RAM. If you need a little more, it can go up to 16 GB and a terabyte hard drive over an upgraded SSD. He has an Intel I5 heart and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, which gives it more than enough muscle for good Fortnite pieces.

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Lenovo is an interesting brand that has made good impressions. The Lenovo Legion 5 is similar to the Acer Nitro 5 above with the same NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Instead of an Intel processor, the laptop Lenovo comes with an AMD Ryzen 7-4800H. AMD manufactures quality products, competing with Intel processors in terms of power and speed. Lenovo Legion 5 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. As long as the parameters are correct, 120 Hz is more than enough.

In addition to its Alienware brand, Dell has its own game laptops with less notoriety behind them. The Dell G5 15 is the most recent version of the G3 15 last year. The new Dell G5 15 game laptop is another with a variety and options available. Most come with a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor or a mobile AMD Ryzen 5. For those with Intel processors, it has GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or GTX 1650 IT, which are better than some of the previous options and will produce better graphic outputs. For AMD processors, it offers the AMD Radeon RX 5600M. All models come with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD.

MSI is a familiar brand for players, and GF65 Thin 9SD-252 is part of their thin series of game laptops. The thin series cuts some of the additional features of laptops to reduce price while maintaining a certain quality. This one has one of the best processors, an Intel i7. Coupled with a GTX 1660 Ti and a powerful 512 GB SSD, it’s a powerful laptop for its price. It also has a pretty backlit keyboard and a 120Hz monitor. The keypad is only red, so do not expect to change the color. Additional RAM can be added and the control center allows players to control the speed and priority of the fan in case it starts heating a little.

Asus is another brand of games that rarely goes out of this niche. The ASUS TUF FX505DT is a slightly older model, released in the summer of 2019, and still remains a serious competitor for its budget price for the specifications identical or equal to the previously listed models. As the above, the ASUS TUF FX505DT has a GEForce GTX 1650, 8GB RAM graphics card and a 256 GB SSD. The basic version has an AMD Ryzen 5, but this can be upgraded to a Ryzen 7. However, this increases the price. This model also has the same refresh rate of 120 Hz to help keep the game as enjoyable as it works. The keyboard is a little bland relative to other models, which can interfere with players a little.

There is not much variety between the best laptops. All have similar specifications, similar sizes, with almost the same graphics card. The main difference lies in the processors of choice, and sometimes the graphics. The best laptop for you can depend entirely on your budget. This article includes affiliate links, which can provide a small compensation at Gamepur._

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