SC Freiburg | Prank for damper not dissatisfied

The effect of this tough game in Fürth Christian prank may not be so uncomfortable. As a candidate on the glittering Champions League, the SC Freiburg played at the 0-0 at the bottom of the table by far.

This claim retailment is still a small Freiburgs club and its coach anyway away. “I’m not satisfied that we only brought a point, but with the game I’m not dissatisfied,” said prank, who could continue to achieve sensational sensational with his team.

“We were just not good enough”

The royal class has Freiburg still after this weekend. “In the end, you have to win here if you have the goal to play above,” said the Nico Schlotterbeck nominated for the national team at the “ARD” mikro. That at least the players of games against well-known clubs à la Real Madrid or Manchester City dreams seems clear.

But would that fit? Above all, two construction sites made doubts in this Biederen Saturday game. One was the playing of scoring chances. “We do not need to practice opportunities for opportunities. We first have to come there that we have chances,” said prank. Except for the aluminum hits of Roland Sallai and Janik Haberer as well as the shot of Vincenzo Grifo was offensive not much to see from the team, which actually sets the sixth storm of the league with 43 goals.

But no matter who tried it, whether Lucas Höler or Returners Maximilian Eggestein – Freiburg sees himself a different time in the Fürther defensive. “We have often tied up,” said Schlotterbeck at Sky and said the “unclean” pasFreiburgs within the Freiburg rows. In short, “We were just not good enough to get three points.”

It needs a performance enhancement

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Also with the standards was coach prank, who made his 105th victory in the SC jersey and thus the sole club record for the time being missed, dissatisfied. “We had eleven corner balls, but did not come to the end of the eleven corner balls. One reason was that four or five corner balls were already intercepted at first. We did not do that,” the 56-year-old analyzed.

It is clear: In order to qualify for the first time in the club history for the Champions League, it needs a performance enhancement. After the country break, FC Bayern Munich offers the next maturity exam for Europe. There were encouraging words from Fürth coach Stefan Leitl. “You are absolutely right up there, I’ll keep your fingers crossed that it will be enough to reach the next goals.”

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