The dream of NFL comeback: Kaepernick does not give up

One, two, three quick steps backwards, Colin Kaepernick serves his receiver Tyler lock with a powerful pass. The 34-year-old quarterback is still not rusted, while he has been waiting for another chance for five years in the NFL. Now a comeback of the pioneer of the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter suddenly really seems to be conceivable.

“I’ve been trained in the last five years and prepared me for an opportunity,” said Kaepernick, who had no contract in 2017 as a result of his Kniefall protest against police power and racy discrimination. Among other things, the then President Donald Trump had sentenced and denied the upcoming stars. Kaepernick, who led the San Francisco 49ers nine years ago into Super Bowl (31:34 against the Baltimore Ravens), paid expensive for his courage.

“In the form of his life”?

Just in time, so just before the official start of the Free Agency on Wednesday, Kaepernick appeared again on the scene. With a workout video from which the joint training with locket was quickly giving up. The plays with the Seattle Seahawks, a team that has been a vacancy on the playmaker position since the Russell Wilson departure, and looks “Kaep” in any case as a “ready”.

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The door seems open again a gap, media jump on these pictures as well. “ESPN” had an anonymous insider saying, Kaepernick is “in the form of his life” and he was “a great candidate for teams who want to win a Super Bowl”.

All information of course, which are hard to prove without real game impressions. Kaepernick (“My desire to play football is still there”) would be a lot to prove it itself – at least in a trial training – and to provide one of the biggest comeback stories of recent years.

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